A Walk to Central Library Changed Everything

School principal's love of reading began at VBPL!

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During most of my K-12 student experience, I did not enjoy reading. None of the books shared with me during my middle and high school years sparked my interest. Because of this lack of interest in reading, I had never read an entire book until about 11th grade.

One day, while waiting for an extracurricular activity to begin (as a student at Princess Anne High School), I decided to walk to the Central Library. While there, I journeyed upstairs and stumbled upon a book by Walter Dean Myers, called "Scorpions." Intrigued by the cover and other details on the exterior of the book, I opened it and began reading. I was immediately captivated! I read until I had to leave but I came back day after day, after school, until I completed the book.

I did not have a problem with reading; however, this was the first book that I read on my own because the plot/story piqued my interest! After reading this book, I read another Walter Dean Myers book, titled "Hoop."

The Central Library is an important part of my scholastic experience as a K-12 student because this is where I read my first book. 

-Mr. Lugo, Principal at Diamond Springs Elementary 

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