Finding Your Passion in the Place You Love

One library lover becomes a dedicated VBPL volunteer
Susie - sized headline.pngI've always been fascinated by libraries. As an avid reader, the book lined walls and shelves and shelves of books mesmerize me. Reading was one of my favorite activities as a child. It used to make my mother so upset when she'd ask me to do chores around the house and I wouldn't respond-- I was too busy reading my Nancy Drew mysteries!

Libraries were an important part of my education. From grade school through nursing school, I spent many hours in libraries doing research and studying. We didn't have Google, so hanging out at the library was our only choice!

Susie -sized.png

Now that I'm retired, I have the privilege of volunteering at the Bayside Area and Special Services Library. One of my passions is helping and supporting people with disabilities, so it was a perfect fit! I love that there is a special services library in our city. The staff at Bayside are eager to make accommodations as needed and several of my friends with disabilities also volunteer there. Just this fall, I was able to help with the Seeing Beyond program when the Teeny Tiny Farm came for a visit with their animals. Since the attendees to this program are blind or visually impaired, I was able to help them walk outside and assist them with petting the different animals. I found it so inspiring watching my new friends see these animals through touch. I really feel like I have a part in making someone's day better and can help them have a new experience. 

If you love books, libraries, and the programs the library does, then consider volunteering. You will meet wonderful people and learn so much!

-Susie S.

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