A Fashion-Forward Trip for a Dior Fan

Spread of book “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” by Alexandra Palmer

Thank you, VBPL for being a part of a dream realized! I’ve checked this book out many times, “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” by Alexandra Palmer, and fell in love with one special look, the Bar Suit. The exhibition featuring this suit came to the Brooklyn Museum this fall, and this Virginia Beach fan went there to see it in person, all because of your book!

Person looking at bar suit on display

I’m a docent for the Virginia Beach History museums and they inspired a love of fashion history. Our library has a very good collection and I think I’ve read most of our books. The Bar Suit represented the resurgence in Paris couture after WW2, and Dior helped save that industry and thousands of jobs. The silhouette is a beautiful feminine contrast to the straight lines and austere fabrics of the War.

The Dior book also went to NYC with me on Amtrak so I could study it again before seeing the exhibition. And your Fodor’s Travel guidebook also made the trip stress-free! 

- Susan F.

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