A Patently Awesome Story!

Mr. Dennis.png

Mr. Dennis J. is one of our regular customers here at Windsor Woods Area Library. He typically came in multiple times a week to work hard on our computers and converse with staff members as he worked online. On June 7, he called to confirm we were open and was so excited to hear that we were!   

The next day, Mr. Dennis came in and shared that he successfully obtained a patent! He explained that the computers were helpful but it was the staff that he really wanted to thank, saying "I probably drove some of them crazy with my many and repeated questions, but they always helped me through things." He couldn't show us all his work yet, but proudly shared the documentation from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  It's very fancy and impressive – heavy, embossed cream cardstock with burgundy and gold writing. He immediately went to at a Library computer again, working on his next patent application.

We congratulate him on his achievement; obtaining a patent is no small feat and we're so excited for him!  

-Tamara S., Windsor Woods Area Library Manager

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