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What is Osmo?

Osmo is an award-winning, educational gaming system designed for iPads that provides a bridge between the real and digital world. Players use physical objects, some as simple as a pencil and paper, to interact with games on the iPad's screen. Osmo offers a variety of educational apps that are designed to encourage learning and collaboration while providing a hands-on experience that goes beyond the screen.

How does it work?

The Osmo comes with a reflector that is placed over the iPad's camera. The mirror inside the reflector allows the camera to see the area below and in front of the iPad. Osmo Apps use a form of artificial intelligence to read the information coming through the camera and to translate it in a way the iPad can understand.

Who is the Osmo for? 

Osmo is recommended for ages 5-12, but teens and adults also enjoy playing with Osmo!

What can I do with Osmo?

The Osmo kit includes everything you need to start learning with Osmo and the iPad comes preloaded with the following educational apps :

  • Masterpiece: Transform any image into an outline, then follow your hand movements on screen to trace the image onto a piece of paper. Good for improving hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Newton: Use any available object (your hand/other game tiles/a pencil) to guide the falling dots onto the targeted areas. Supports creative problem solving through physics-based puzzles.
  • Numbers: Use basic math (addition/subtraction/multiplication) to rescue fish before the tank fills. Strengthens math skills through experimentation and multi-solution problem solving.
  • Tangram: Classic puzzle game. Arrange all seven game pieces to recreate the shapes shown onscreen. Uses geometry to promote spatial reasoning and problem solving.
  • Words: Work independently, as a team, or against a friend to guess hidden words and practice spelling. Strengthens spelling skills and builds vocabulary.

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