Drones… at the Library?!

Drone on landing padYes! Virginia Beach Public Library (VBPL) is thrilled to now offer drone programming for teens and adults. As drone technology advances and their use becomes more widespread and varied, we want to help our customers build confidence using new technology, while boosting digital literacy skills and exploring career development opportunities.

Plus… drones are just fun and exciting! VBPL's new Tello drone programs are a great way to start learning the latest in drone technology, how to safely operate the Tello drone, and find resources if you're looking to fly drones on your own (a good place to start is with the FAA Drone Zone).

All programs have hands-on components — whether it's a simple objective to learn the controls or to put your skills through the twists and turns of an obstacle course. To register or learn more about the drone programs offered in November and December, visit www.VBgov.com/library-events.

Thank you to the Friends of the Virginia Beach Public Library for their funding of our drone program!

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