Adult Services

​​​​​Adult Services provides community based services as well as assistance for individuals requiring facility placements.

​Adult Protective Services (APS)

​​​​Adult Protective Services (APS) are provided, regardless of income, to persons 60 years or older and incapacitated adults age 18-59 who are abused, neglected and/or exploited. Investigations are conducted to determine the need for protective services and arrangements are made for the provision of these services.
The Social Services Division receives reports and conducts investigations to determine the need for protective services and provides or arranges for services needed. Reports may be made Monday through Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. If calling after hours or on the weekends please use the Virginia state hotline at 1-888-83ADULT. 

The Adult Protective Services Unit is located at the Witchduck Annex, 256/258 N. Witchduck Rd, Virginia Beach, 23462. To make an APS report, please contact our hotline at (757) 385-3550.

Adult Foster Ca​re

The Adult Foster Care Program is designed for individuals who require supportive services to live in the community.  Persons placed in the Adult Foster Care homes have needs which range from geriatric, mental health, mental retardation, and young adults with lifelong disabilities who were former foster care children, all of whom desire a comfortable home environment with extra support for caring providers.
The Social Services Division of the Human Services Department is looking for providers who will supervise up to three adults in their home to provide meals, recreational activities, and a comfortable home environment.  A representative from the Social Services Division is available to offer assistance to all adult foster care providers and the adults placed in each home.
To inquire about becoming an adult foster care provider, please contact our hotline at (757) 385-3550.

There are two specific programs designed to meet the needs of low income or disabled citizens of Virginia Beach who need either in-home or placement in a facility:

Companion Services
Services may be provided to adults who are unable to care for themselves due to physical or mental limitations. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients and certain other low income persons may receive in-home care and light housekeeping services. These services are provided by a licensed agency, under a contractual arrangement with Virginia Department of Social Services. Recipients must live in Virginia Beach.

Facility Placement and Person​​al Care
For facility placement, an assessment must be completed to​​ determine appropriate level of care. Determination is made by a screening team comprised of Adult & Family Services and Virginia Beach Department of Public Health Staff. If nursing home level of care is needed, an array of options may be available including day progr​ams, personal care and nursing home placement.

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