Supportive Living Program

​​​​​​​The Supportive Living Program (SLP) serves residents of the City of Virginia Beach who have a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability. Services provided include person-centered planning to assist individuals to develop their abilities as much as possible while residing in community settings throughout the City of Virginia Beach. All components of this program are licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). Intermediate Care Facilities are also certified by the Virginia Department of Health.

​All referrals to Supportive Living Program services are made through Developmental Services Case Management by calling (757) 385-0600.

Behavioral Consultation Services
Behavioral Consultation Services are offered by a certified Positive Behavioral Support Facilitator to assist individuals who have challenging behaviors lead more productive and successful lives. Activities of this service include interviewing and observing the individual, collecting data and developing a behavior plan that best suits the individuals' need. Intervention strategies are structured to identify areas of concern, to understand the meaning of the behavior, and to implement behavior plans designed to reduce problem behaviors and teach essential replacement skills. Persons who support individuals in the program are trained on replacement interventions to ensure success of the individual. All interventions are based on Positive Behavioral Supports and Person Centered Thinking. Individuals are referred by their support coordinator and this service is provided Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Supported Residential Services
SLP individuals receive support, assistance and instruction on how to be safe and successful members of the community.  Whether it is grocery shopping, managing money, or home safety, SLP will teach the skills necessary to achieve a better quality of life.  The program also will coordinate doctor and dental appointments, and assist with medications.  ​

Mental Health Support Services
Serves individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual disability and serious mental illness, who need support in major life activities.  Individuals must be willing to reach agreement with staff in developing an Individual Service Plan (ISP).  Services may include training or reinforcement of skills and appropriate behavior related to health and safety, personal care, activities of daily living, use of community resources.  Other services may include monitoring of health, nutrition and physical condition, and assistance with medication management. 

​Psychosocial Rehabilitative Day Program - Rising Tides
This program is provided to adult residents eighteen years or older that reside in Virginia Beach, that have Medicaid, a diagnosis of intellectual or developmental disability and a diagnosis of serious mental illness. The mission of the program is to help promote self-sufficiency and avoid hospitalization. Activities include psycho-educational and skill development activities that focus on assisting the individual in developing skills and providing support in coping with the disability. The program provides a variety of groups and activities; treatment consists of participation in structured groups about mental illness, ways to cope with symptoms, prevent relapses, general health, exercise, nutrition, medication monitoring, skill building in activities of daily living as well as therapeutic and recreational opportunities. The program provides activities to individuals three (3) days a week at the SkillQuest services location.

Residential Services 
Individuals receive services in group homes located in the City of Virginia Beach.  Services are primarily funded via Medicaid Mental Retardation Waiver monies.   Services may include support and assistance with money management, personal care, participation in recreational and social activities, and coordination of medical and dental care as needed.  Meals are prepared on the premises according to a menu developed with assistance by a registered dietician.  Overnight awake staffing is provided. 

​Skilled Nursing Services
Skilled Nursing services are provided as needed to any individual who is receiving Medicaid Waiver Residential Services from the Supportive Living Program.  These individuals have chronic complex medical conditions that require long term nursing support to remain in a community based setting.  Nursing staff provide ongoing training and oversight of non-licensed staff.

Intermediate Care Facilities
Intermediate Care Facilities serve persons age 21 or older with a diagnosis of intellectual disability, physical impairments, and chronic health issues, who are residents of Virginia Beach or Health Region V. Services include around the clock awake care, active treatment, leisure and community activities and available 24 hour nursing care. An interdisciplinary team of professionals, along with the individual and their authorized representative or legal guardian, develop a program plan designed to meet their health, safety, and skill needs, provide choice and assist them to engage in a fulfilling lifestyle.

​Other Services
The Supportive Living Program employs nurses who educate and consult with individuals and staff on various health issues. Additionally, a registered dietician is available to assist the individual with nutritional needs and healthy meal planning. A Health and Wellness program is also offered that provides opportunities for exercise, and health and safety education.

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