The Department of Human Services has immediate openings in several program areas throughout the agency including peer support specialists, clinicians, nurses, eligibilty workers, and office support. Please visit the City of Virginia Beach Career Center for a current listing of available positions.

 Early Intervention/Infant Program

​​​​​​​​The program serves children from birth to age three who have developmental delays, atypical behavior, and/or a disabling condition that is likely to result in a delay.  An eligibility team will review children referred to determine whether or not they are eligible for services.  Eligible children will receive a full developmental assessment prior to beginning services.  Services available to eligible children and families include, but are not limited to, service coordination, speech, physical, and/or occupational therapy and educational services.  The program also offers center based classes and community based group activities for children.

How Can My Child Receive Services

We often receive referrals from doctors and hospital staff, but also accept referrals from parents and/or anyone within the community who feels that a child may have a developmental delay.  Making a referral is as easy as calling 385-4400. 

A service coordinator will contact you and arrange a time to complete a developmental screening and initial paperwork. An eligibility determination team will then review your child's information.  Children identified for services are assigned a service coordinator who will work with you and your child to provide services that will help your child meet his or her goals.  Service coordinators can also assist with other issues, including referrals to other resources. ​​

There are no fees for referrals, intakes, assessments, and service coordination.  Insurance or the state fee scale can be accessed to pay for other services.  Part C (federal money) funding may be able to help those with no insurance, based on a fee scale.  ​​

Children and their families who have been determined eligible for early intervention services are also offered center based classes and community based activities. 

The Early Intervention/Infant Program is located in the Pembroke Six office building at 297 Independence Blvd, Suite 432.

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