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 Developmental Services

The Developmental Services division plans, develops, and implements services for Virginia Beach residents with intellectual disabilities and their families through the provision of person centered services designed to provide opportunities to individuals who have intellectual ​disabilities to become self-directing and contributing members of our community. We support families living with family member with intellectual disabilities; provide early intervention when developmental delays are identified in young children; and, promote the value of persons with intellectual disabilities living and working in the community.


 Apply for Services

Services offered include, case management, employment, family support, residential, and infant programs. You may ask to speak with an Admissions Coordinator to discuss eligibility. If you, or the Admissions Coordinator, feel you may meet eligibility an Admissions Packet will be sent to you.  If you do not wish to speak with an Admissions Coordinator but feel you or your family member meets requirements you may call (757) 385-0600 and ask for a packet to be sent to you.

Once the completed packet is returned, an appointment with Admissions will be scheduled.  The admissions panel includes a Fee Clerk w​ho will determine fees based on the documentation provided.  This meeting is free-of-charge. The completed packet must include the following:

  • ​Psychological ev​al​uation (must state a diagnosis of Mental Retardation or Intellectually Disabled showing age of onset prior to age 18). An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is not acceptable
  • Proof of Virginia Beach residency (bill, driver’s license, bank statement, credit card statement)
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Birth Certificate​
  • Proof of income (if applying for a minor bring parent / guardian information)
  •  Guardianship or Power of Attorney if applicable​​​

​​​To apply for services, please call (757) 385-0600.  

 Case Management

​​​​Case Management is a service provided to individuals with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability and their families to link them with needed services and resources in order to assist with community living and development of the individual's maximum potential.  A team approach is used to ensure effective service delivery. Please call (757) 385-0600 to speak to a member of the Intake Team.

Assessment and Service Planning 

The Support Coordinator will conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop an individual support plan, as well as provide supportive counseling and resource development for each individual.  The support coordinator will coordinate and monitor service planning and services and will assist the consumer to achieve his or her goals using a person-centered approach.  Case management also provides assistance for families with emergency needs. 

Linking a​​​nd Coordinating Services 

The Support Coordinator can assist individuals and families in linking to the following services:​
  • Adult day support programs​​
  • Supportive c​ounseling for individuals and families​
  • Financial assistance through Social Security, Social Services or other Federal State, and Local agencies​​
  • ​Recreational Programs​​
  • ​Housing​
  • Residential services ​​
  • Respite Care, personal a​ssistance services and/or skilled nursing
  • Vocational skills training and employment

Counseling and Support Groups
DS Case Management offers support groups for emotions management, family support, independent living skills, and a reading program.

 Client Rights

As a client of the Behavioral Health & Developmental Services division of the Virginia Beach Department of Human Services, it is your right to:
  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Be told about your treatment
  • Have a say in your treatment
  • Speak to others in private
  • Have your complaints resolved
  • Say what you prefer
  • As questions and be told about your rights
  • Get help with your rights
If you have questions or need help, see the department contact person or the human rights advocate. Additional information is availble under "Related Information" on this page.

Local Program Contact

Office of Continuous Quality Improvement | 757-385-0642

Regional Human Rights Advocate

Reginald Daye | 757-253-7061
Regional Advocate, Region V
Office of Human Rights
4061 Ironbound Road
WIlliamsburg, VA 23188-2652

Related Information

Contact Information

 March is Developmental Services Awareness Month!

Throughout the month, our DS staff will be providing information about some of the programs and services they offer, and how it has impacted individuals in our community.  See the links below for more information!