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 Community Employment Options

Community Employment Options (CEO) helps Virginia Beach citizens diagnosed with intellectual and behavioral health disabilities find meaningful remunerative jobs. CEO services enhance community integration through placement in group or individual employment that increase their earning power, enhance their self-image, and create​​ a sense of pride in their achievements. CEO also provides pre-vocational services that focus on developing basic work skills for individuals interested in future employment opportunities.

​​CEO ​​Services

Supported Employment Services 
CEO provides Supported Employment services; a highly individualized program aimed at matching the skills and interests of job applicants to positions in which they could be successful.  Services include assessment, job development, on-the-job-training, and ongoing supports, which include further skills development, advocacy, and crisis intervention. 
Assessment Services 
Situational assessments allow the job candidate to experience different types of jobs and working environments before making a commitment to any one job.  They also provide the employment specialists with a detailed picture of the job candidate's level of motivation, preferred learning style, understanding of work expectations, specific areas of work interests and strengths, and any accommodations needed to ensure success upon placement in a job. 
Job Development Services 
The job candidate is assisted by the employment specialist in identifying suitable positions, completing applications, interviewing, and completing any pre-employment activities required by the employer. The employment specialist also coaches the job candidate in appropriate presentation, demeanor, and attire when interviewing for jobs. 
On-Site Training 
One-on-one training assistance may include helping with skill acquisition to perform the assigned tasks, setting up task schedules, and facilitating the person's integration within the culture of the job. The Employment Specialist also develops natural supports, which entails establishing relationships with co-workers that may be able to further guide, train and support the person in the new job after the employment specialist has decreased his or her presence to intermittent visits. 
Advocacy, Crisis Intervention, and Career Progression 
The follow along phase is designed to provide any supports needed by the individual to maintain the job over the long term.  During follow along visits, Employment Specialists work with the employee and the employer on addressing any issues that may threaten the success of the position.  The Employment Specialist also advocates for more work hours, changing schedules, or additional responsibilities that will help the individual grow and progress on the job.  Re-training and teaching new skills are also part of the services offered by the program during follow along.  Based upon the individual's changing needs and interests, the employment specialist will also assist in obtaining a second job to supplement the individuals income or a different job if job interests change. 
Group Supported Employment Services 
Individuals served by CEO in groups are employed by businesses  in the community under the constant supervision of a program staff member.  Individuals are employees of the company and earn wages at or above minimum wages.  The group supports allow individuals to earn money while working on developing the basic work and social skills needed to move on to more independent jobs. 
Work Incentives Specialist Advocate Services (WISA)
Work Incentives were developed by the Social Security Administration to increase the number of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries who wish to work but also want to preserve certain benefits.  CEO's Work Incentives Specialist Advocate (WISA) services provide individuals who receive SSI or SSDI with an in-depth benefits analysis using WorkWorld, a specialized program that helps with understanding the impact of earned income on their benefits.  Additionally, the WISA helps access the work incentive program most appropriate to their situation.  These services are available to persons who want to get a job or those who are already employed. 

What would you and your family member with a disability get from CEO services? 
Supported Employment Services assist your family members to develop potential as productive members of society.  Through the assistance and support provided by employment specialists, persons with disabilities gain access to a variety of businesses that are in search of dependable employees and are willing to give opportunities to a labor pool of eager, motivated workers.
Employment specialists also assist families in many areas of concern, such as:
  • Identifying transportation options for your family member
  • Conducting a thorough written analysis of the impact of employment income on government benefits
  • Providing the right level of support to maximize the potential for success of the family member, promoting independence and integration into the community.
What would your business get from CEO services? 
Businesses that have hired persons with disabilities overwhelmingly report a high degree of satisfaction with their performance, dependability, and dedication to their jobs.  One of the most attractive features of this mostly untapped labor pool is their excellent job retention rate.  In a job market characterized by high worker mobility, businesses are often faced with the high cost of advertising, recruiting, and training new employees.  Utilizing CEO services yields immediate benefits to a business by cutting down on recruitment costs, as we bring in qualified, pre-screened job candidates, matched to the positions the business needs to fill. Take time to view our video to hear what business are saying about CEO services.
Business also benefit from:
  • A thorough evaluation of the vacant positions to ensure we bring the most qualified candidates.
  • A reduction in absenteeism, tardiness, and high turnover prominent in entry level positions.
  • Increased productivity.
  • A labor pool of conscientious, dedicated workers.
  • Training for the new employee based on your specifications, at no cost to the business.
  • Ongoing support to the employee hired through CEO to ensure satisfactory job performance, at no cost to the business.
  • An enhanced company image through community involvemen​t.
  • The knowledge that the company has enabled persons with disabilities to become productive, tax paying members of their community.
  • For qualified businesses, a federal tax credit of up to $2,400 during the first year of the worker's employment.
  • Answers to ADA questions.
The Developmental Services Community Employment Options program is CARF certified.
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