​Adult Correctional Services provide curriculum-based mental health and substance abuse education, relapse prevention, re-entry planning and referrals to community resources. ​​​Services include jail diversion, forensic services, restoration to competency, advocacy discharge planning and referrals for inmates with serious mental illness.​

Jail Educational Services 

    • Provided to inmates at Virginia Beach Correctional Center
    • Voluntary Participation 
    • 20 Week curriculum-based education modules for inmates with substance use/co-occurring disorders 
    • Referrals & community resources for continuity of care after release from Virginia Beach Correctional Center   

Forensic Services

    • Advocacy for seriously mentally ill inmates
    • Intensive discharge planning
    • Referrals to other services as needed
    • Restoration to competency for seriously mentally ill inmates

Community Corrections

    • Supervision for all court ordered requirements to court referred, non-violent misdemeanor and felony clients
    • Development of community service work sites
    • Random drug and alcohol tests
    • Compliance monitoring

Pretrial Services

    • Investigates and interviews clients arrested on state and local warrants and detained in jails awaiting bail hearings
    • Assists judicial officers in making bail release decisions
    • Random drug and alcohol tests
    • May seek capiases or order of show cause
    • Monitors treatment compliance​​
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