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The Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission is now accepting nominations for the 27th Annual Human Rights Awards. The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 26, 2022.

27th Annual Human Rights Awards Nomination Form

Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission on Human Rights Day 2020

VBPD Humanitarian Ribbon

Given in partnership with the Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission (VBHRC). Awarded to any member of the Department of Police or any other law enforcement agency for any act(s) or achievement(s), as determined by the VBHRC, to be above that which is normally required or expected and which materially or conceptually promotes cultural diversity, social awareness, equal opportunity, and human rights in our community. ​  VBPD Humanitarian Ribbon can be awarded bi-annually, in accordance with the biannual Virginia Beach Police Department Awards Ceremony.​

VBPD Humanitarian Ribbon Nomination and Selection Process

VBPD Administrative General Order 02.08​

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