Pay Plans

​​​​​​​​​The following are the Pay Plans for the City of Virginia Beach as of June 21, 2017.

Part-time Pay Plan

Position TitleClass #Hourly Rate
Account Clerk I0005$11.50
Account Clerk II0010$14.00
Activity Center Aide3037$8.95
Activity Center Assistant Leader3051$11.25
Activity Center Leader3089$13.30
Administrative Specialist I1810$17.90
Administrative Specialist I (State)0000$17.90
Animal Caretaker / Veterinary Assistant3100$11.90
Aquatics Instructor3018$14.30
Associate City Attorney1915$44.84
Beach Lifeguard3042$12.35
Beach Lifeguard Supervisor3044$14.80
Behavior Specialist I1940$18.38
Clerk I0025$9.95
Clerk II0030$11.80
Clerk III0035$12.67
Clerk Typist I0055$11.50
Clerk Typist II0060$12.67
Code Inspector II0627$20.30
Community Service Officer3050$11.25
Custodial Worker II0290$11.00
Delinquent Tax Collector0682$19.31
EMS Instruction Supervisor2046$24.36
Event Coordinator0765$22.32
Facility Customer Assistant3024$9.80
Family Services Specialist II2308$23.55
Fitness Instructor3020$14.30
Food Service Assistant0395$12.40
Groundskeeper I0305$11.00
Juvenile Detention Counselor2222$19.31
Juvenile Probation Officer9046$29.61
Legal Docket Clerk I0830$16.67
Legal Investigator1600$27.56
Library Information Specialist I1716$14.37
Library Information Specialist II2106$16.67
Media and Communications Coordinator III2493$26.60
MH/MR Assistant1720$15.10
MH/MR Clinician I2130$20.75
MH/MR Clinician II2135$23.55
MH/MR Clinician III2140$27.30
MH/MR Educator I2150$21.80
MH/MR Educator II2155$26.58
Multimedia Graphics Designer1049$20.75
Museum Educator I2168$13.30
Nurse II2170$24.10
Office Assistant I0185$12.67
Office Assistant II0190$13.99
Operations Assistant I3013$9.88
Operations Assistant II3014$12.36
Operations Assistant III3008$13.56
Operations Specialist I3015$14.82
Operations Specialist II3022$17.29
Parks and Recreation Aide I3054$8.40
Parks and Recreation Aide II3056$9.20
Parks and Recreation Aide III3057$10.20
Parks and Recreation Aide IV3058$11.25
Personal Trainer2989$19.75
Police School Guard3040$24.70
Pre-trial Probation Officer I1994$19.32
Public Safety Analyst2235$20.75
Public Safety Investigator3068$22.25
Public Safety Investigator (State)0000$22.25
Public Safety Training Specialist2054$18.82
Recreation Class Instructor3017$10.70
Recreation Specialist I2265$18.38
Revenue Agent III0890$18.82
Storekeeper I0214$12.67
Storekeeper III0216$16.67
Support Specialist I3011$8.40
Support Specialist II3012$9.27
Ticket Seller3025$8.90
Usher/Ticket Taker3023$8.50
Van Driver0367$13.67
Victim Witness Caseworker I0227$20.30
Visitor Information Assistant0228$13.67


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