2018 Housing Condition Survey

maintained neighborhood​​​​​​​​​​​​​​From April to June, Housing & Neighborhood Preservation conducted a survey to evaluate the condition of the housing stock in Virginia Beach. Of the approximately 120,000 single-family detached housing units in Virginia Beach, the department surveyed a random sampling of 10,245 residential properties; multifamily apartments, condominiums and mobile homes were not evaluated.

Code inspectors assessed each structure from the public right-of-way and assigned one of four ratings to describe the condition of the structure:
  • Standard: Structures with no exterior deficiencies; not a single defect; zero building maintenance code violations
  • Deficient: Structures with minor defects that can easily be corrected in the course of regular maintenance (e.g. peeling paint)
  • Deteriorated: Structures with defec​ts of greater severity that are not normally repaired in the course of regular maintenance (e.g.. rotted window frames)
  • Dilapidated: Structures that fail to meet minimum standards for human habitation; endanger the health or safety of occupants; contain one or more critical defects (structural collapse)
In addition to rating the physical condition of the structure, code inspectors also evaluated the surrounding premises to determine if exterior property maintenance code violations were present (e.g. damaged fencing, overgrown grass, inoperable vehicles, junk and trash, etc.).

The survey found that 86 percent of the single family homes in Virginia Beach are in standard condition, meaning no building maintenance code violations were found. Seventy-five percent of the properties surveyed were evaluated as having no code violations at all -- building or property ​maintenance.  

Based upon what we think makes a good neighborhood, how can we explain the results:
  • Property owners are doing a relatively good job of maintaining their properties
  • Code Enforcement proactively patrols the city and addresses code violations -- approximately 9,800 building violations and 25,200 property violations are cited/year
  • The City does a great job at maintaining public safety, providing core public services, and maintaining public facilities and infrastructure
  • For the very small number of property owners who may not be able to afford to maintain or re-investment, DHNP offers programs to assist or connects owners to resources
"The results of the housing condition survey are important because they are a key indicator of the health of the city's housing stock. Most of the housing in Virginia Beach is in standard condition, despite the fact that our housing stock continues to age," said Wells Freed, housing code administrator. "We see these results as a direct reflection of our efforts to promote vibrant, blight-free neighborhoods and the efforts of property owners to proactively maintain their properties."

Housing & Neighborhood Preservation has been conducting housing condition surveys since 1990. Data from the surveys are used to evaluate various inspections programs. 

For more information: Presentation on 2018 Housing Condition Survey Background and Results​​
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