Graffiti Abatement on Private Property

fence with graffiti​​​​​​​​​​​Housing & Neighborhood Preservation can assist citizens in the removal of graffiti or other defacements from private property, when the graffiti or defacements are visible from any public right-of-way. If the property owner is willing to sign a release form, Code Enforcement will arrange to have the city's agent attempt to remove the graffiti at no cost to the property owner.

If a property owner cannot be located or is unwilling to sign a release form, an official notice giving seven days for the owner to either remove the graffiti or sign a release will be mailed to the property owner. 

fence after graffiti abatementThere are no criminal penalties or fines associated with this notice, but it does give the city the authority to enter upon the private property to attempt to remove or cover the existing graffiti.

To report graffiti on private property, click here.