Virginia Beach Housing Study

In 2016, the Virginia Center for Housing Research (VCHR) at Virginia Tech and czb, LLC, a neighborhood planning firm, conducted the Housing Needs Assessment, Market Analysis, and Re-Investment Study ("Housing Study") for Virginia Beach. The study provided information on the city's household demographics, housing stock, homeownership and rental rates, neighborhood characteristics, and more. It also revealed trends, housing needs, and opportunities for achieving the city's goals for affordability and the preservation and enhancement of existing housing. 

2016 Virginia Beach Housing Needs Assessment, Market Analysis & Re-Investment Study

View the final report and summary presentation to City Council​ from January 2017. 

Housing Study Update

In November 2022, the City Council approved an ordinance to fund an updated housing study and report, which was previously completed in 2016. The study will include VCHR’s analysis of the current housing market and the identification of strategies to address the housing needs in Virginia Beach. 

Public Input Process to Help Identify Housing Needs in Virginia Beach 

Virginia Beach Housing & Neighborhood Preservation and VCHR held eight public meetings in January - February 2023 and made an online survey available in March - April 2023 to receive input on housing-related needs and issues within the city.  Public input during this phase of the housing study will be used to test VCHR’s analysis, add depth to their understanding of trends or data, and guide additional or more in-depth study. 

A video presentation* that includes the scope and timeline for the housing study and housing affordability data in Virginia Beach can be viewed here.
*This video presentation was previously used at all housing study public meetings and at the beginning of the online survey.

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