Volunteer Support Tech Requirements

support8_inUse.jpg Minimum Application Requirements:

(1) Must be 18 years old by first day of training program

(2) Must have high school diploma or GED at time of application

(3) Must have a valid United States driver's license at time of application

(4) Must be eligible to work in the United States at time of application

Additional Process Requirements:

(1) Must attend one VST Information Meeting

(2) Must be able to lift, bend, and walk while carrying a minimum of 60 lbs (Physical Ability Assessment will be conducted at VST Information Meeting);

(3) Must attend panel interview;

(4) Must pass polygraph exam and review; federal background check and review, and DMV driving record(s) check and review;

(5) Must comply with Fire Department's minimum disqualifiers

(6) Must pass Safety Sensitivity Physical conducted by City's Occupational Health Division

(7) Must attend all scheduled training*.

*NOTE: Must attend all weekend classes. Classes will include physical fitness activity, classroom instruction, and practical exercise.​

Program Requirements:

(1) Successfully complete the Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC)

(2) Maintain current CPR and Basic First Aid certifications

(3) Volunteer a minimum of 36 hours per month (this may include training and meetings)

(4) Adhere to uniform and grooming guidelines for VSTs.


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