Station 8 - Oceana

Station 8 

Station 8 circa 1978The Oceana Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD), Inc. Incorporated in 1948, is the only remaining active volunteer fire organization within the City of Virginia Beach, and serves under the umbrella of the Virginia Beach Fire Department (VBFD). Our members provide a variety of services to the VBFD, and ultimately the citizens of Virginia Beach. Volunteer Support Technicians, Firefighters, Training Instructors, and Administrative personnel allow us toWhite fire engine cover a wide range of interests and accommodate personnel with a wide variety of job skills and flexible schedules.

Volunteer Support Technicians and Firefighters augment the career staff and provide assistance with on-scene firefighting, air, light and equipment Station 8 with truckssupport. They work a wide range of emergency scene incidents varying from automobile accidents to large structural fires. In conjunction with their VBFD career counterparts, certified training instructors provide us with a quality training program second to none. OVFD has an array of qualified administrative personnel who carry out the required monitoring and documentation of personnel actions and department business affairs.

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