Station 2 - Davis Corner

Station 2 

Station 2 Engine 2The Davis Corner volunteer Fire Department was originally located on Davis Street, off of Virginia Beach Boulevard near the Norfolk city line.  Talk began in the summer of 1942 about organizing a community fire department.  The following year, eleven men had a meeting and organized the fire department.  They went house to house seeking donations and John Marr went to the Richmond Army Base and purchased a Dodge truck for a mere $500.  The Kadas Iron Works Company in Virginia Beach equipped the truck with a 500 gallon tank, a Chrysler engine, and a Hale pump.  When it was completed, it was parked across the street from the Marr restaurant and then later moved to a shed at the Marr home.Station 2 Ladder 2

Jon Marr did not stop there.  In 1944, he sold a small piece of property to the fire department on Davis Street for $10 and parked the truck inside a small building already there.  From that point, much like the other departments in the area, it was hard work and many sacrifices to raise money to purchase much needed equipment and supplies.

More fire apparatus was purchased and the building was added on to accommodate this. In 1964, a new Mack pumper was obtained through the Bayside Improvement Fund.  Tragedy struck the Davis Corner Volunteer Fire Department in September of 1964 when Fire Chief H. Vernon Wilson died of carbon monoxide poisoning. The day before Hurricane Cleo dumped 13.7 inches of rain on the Tidewater area and Station 2caused massive flooding. Rescue workers picked up a man and woman in a boat and carried them to the fire department salvage truck the Chief Wilson was driving. The truck stalled in high water but an auxiliary generator continued to run. The couple and the chief were found shortly thereafter slumped in the cab. Chief Wilson was rushed to Norfolk General Hospital and was pronounced dead. The woman was transported to Virginia Beach General Hospital and was pronounced dead while her husband regained consciousness. On August 31, 1978, a groundbreaking cere​mony for a new fire station was held at Haygood Road and Ferry Plantation Road. The 13, 200 sq. foot building that included three drives through bays cost approximately $519,000. The building houses Battalion 2 as well as fire and rescue vehicles. After much discussion about changing the name to Haygood Fire Department, the Davis Corner name was kept.

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