Station 16 - Plaza

Station 16 

Station 16 circa 1962Company 16 was founded in February of 1962 by 23 gentlemen of the Bow Creek Presbyterian Church.  The original name was The Lynnhaven Volunteer Fire Company. To clear up confusion about the name, due to the station’s location, it was renamed the Plaza Volunteer Fire Company on September 10, 1962.  At that time, Plaza Volunteer Fire Company was the only department in the state that carried the name "Company", as opposed to Fire Department.  The first firehouse was located on Kingdom Court, about a half mile from its current location.  The current firehouse was dedicated on June 1, Station 16 photo #21968.  This new location, at 3608 South Plaza Trail, at a total cost of $115,000.00 was a cutting edge project for the day. The first career firefighters began working at Company 16 in the late fall of 1972.  Over the years, Company 16 has had 9 different fire engines assigned to it.  The current engine, a 2008 Pierce Quantum, has a 1500GPM pump and a 500 gallon water tank.  The first Ladder truck was purchased in August of 1973.  The current ladder truck, a 2003 American Lafrance 93’ mid-mount platform, is the only mid-mount ladder in the departments’ inventory. Also Company 16, as of the date of this printing, is the only station left in the city that has a usable fire pole.