Station 11 - Beach Borough

Station 11 

Station 11 circa 1938This is where it all started.  The first fire station in Virginia Beach still stands today at the corner of 24th Street and Pacific Avenue.  For many years it was occupied as a surfboard store, but in November of 2012 the Virginia Beach Professional Firefighters IAFF Local – 2924 purchased it.  It is now the local’s union hall and continues to operate as a retail store during the summer selling Virginia Beach Fire Department shirts, patches, and more.  This is where it all began.  This little small town fire station should serve as a symbol of pride to every firefighter in the city of Virginia Beach.  In 1938 the Beach Borough, the oldest Station 11 todayfire station in the city relocated to 20th and Artic Avenue.  Station 11 housed an engine and a quad.  After later additions to company 11, Ladder 11 became a new edition.  In 1997 company 11 was relocated to the 800 block of Virginia Beach Blvd where it still stands today.  Company 11 is housed by Battalion 1, Ladder 11, Engine 11, and Engine 14.  What makes Company 11 unique is the fact that there have always been paid firefighters at this station.  Company 11 has 104 years of firefighting tradition.  Guess that’s why their company patch says it all, “Bad to the Bone”!