Station 10 - Woodstock

Station 10 Entrance 

Established on March 13, 1975, Company 10 was the first fire station in the City of Virginia Beach to be staffed with career personnel from its inception.  Located at 5656 Providence Road, Company 10 was built to alleviate the call volume that was being handled by Company 9 in Kempsville.  Company 10 was originally a single engine station Station 10: Fire enginestaffed with 9 personnel spread over 3 shifts.  Currently, the station houses Engine 10 and Ladder 10, each piece manned with 4 firefighters on each of the three shifts.  Home of Virginia Beach’s Technical Rescue Team, personnel assigned to Company 10 are required to be proficient in rope rescue, confined space rescue, trench rescue, vehicle extrication, and structural collapse rescue in addition to firefighting and emergency medical services.  Home of the Technical Rescue Team In 1986, Company 10 became the home of the Tidewater Regional Technical Rescue Team (TRTRT). 

Along with personnel from surrounding departments, the members of the TRTRT respond to incidents involving high angle rope rescue, structural collapse rescue, confined space rescue, and trench rescue.  The creation of the TRTRT eventually led to the establishment of Virginia Task Force 2 (VATF-2) in 1990.  VATF-2 was one of the Station 10: Trucksoriginal 12 Urban Search and Rescue Teams, organized and managed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The purpose of this specialized team and its highly trained individuals is to assist localities that have been devastated by a catastrophic disaster, natural disaster, or terrorist incident.  VATF-2 has responded to such disasters as the Oklahoma City bombing, the Pentagon during 9/11, the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricanes Opal, Fran, Georges, Frances, Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Ernesto, Gustav, and Ike, and such events as the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Company 10 was the home to VATF-2 until it relocated to its new home on Viking Drive.  Many of the personnel of VATF-2 are, or were, assigned to Company 10. 



Engine 10 is a 2010 Pierce Quantum equipped with an In-line Foam System, and is the frontline engine at Company 10.  It has 4 personnel assigned to it with minimum manning of 3 personnel.
Station 10The original apparatus used by the Technical Rescue Team was a 24’ long Wells Cargo trailer pulled by a Chevy truck.  In 1992 the members of Company 10 removed the compartments of a 1977 Seagrave pumper, and drove it to Hackney and Sons, where the pump was removed, the chassis was extended, and new compartments were mounted.  This vehicle was placed in service as Tech 1.  In 2005 Tech 1 was replaced with a Freightliner M2 Box truck.  Personnel abandon Engine 10, man Tech 1, and respond to Technical Rescue Incidents along with Squad 10.  The trailer is still in service and used only for large scale Technical Rescue incidents.

 Wagon 11 is a 1980 Seagrave and is also kept at Company 10.  Wagon 11 is used to transport the fallen firefighter during funerals.