Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT)

​​​​​​Firefighting is a challenging and physically demanding job. Specific levels of physical conditioning are required to successfully perform the job functions of a Firefighter. The Virginia Beach Fire Department will utilize CPAT to assess each candidate's physical ability to complete critical firefighting tasks effectively and safely.

Candidates will have 3 opportunities to successfully pass the CPAT. Trial 1, Trial 2, and Trial 3 (final test).

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Trial 1

Candidates who pass the written test will receive an email to sign up for Trial 1.

Mentoring Program

Attending the Mentoring Program is not mandatory, but is encouraged. Candidates may attend as many mentoring sessions as they wish. Candidates will be trained in the skills to complete the CPAT test, including how to achieve the fitness levels needed to be firefighters. If the candidate does successfully complete the CPAT within the time limit, it will count as an official "Pass," and the candidate will not have to retake the CPAT. Unsuccessful candidates can continue to participate in the Mentoring Program and will have to sign up for Trial 3 (final test).

Final Test

The final test is for candidates who have not yet been successful or did not test during Trials 1 and 2. This is the last opportunity to take the CPAT with VBFD. Unsuccessful candidates will be disqualified from the process.

NOTE: VBFD will also accept valid CPAT cards issued within a specific time frame from other IAFF-licensed agencies.