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2022 Firefighter Recruit Hiring Process

Applications are currently closed. If you would like to be added to the Interest List and be notified of future hiring processes, then please email


NOTE: All dates are subject to change! Polygraph and reference checks are the next stage of the hiring process. Please be sure your Personal History Questionnaire is accurate and up-to-date as any discrepancies may result in removal from the hiring process. 

Q: I have questions regarding the results from Structured Oral Interview, who do I contact?
A: You can reach out to City Human Resources to learn more about the results of your interview. 

Q: I already have already had a recent polygraph test/Top Secret Clearance, do I still need to take a polygraph?
A: Yes, all candidates that are moving forward after interviews will need to take a polygraph with our testing proctor. We are not allowed to accept test results from other outside agencies.

Q: I live out-of-town/out-of-state, what other tests do I need to take in-person before being officially hired? Can I combine any of these trips?
A: Candidates must be in town for the following: polygraph, pre-employment physicals, fingerprints, and uniform fitting. We cannot accept test results from an outside agency. Polygraph must be done separately due to City policy and the structure of the hiring process. Pre-employment physicals are typically done at the same time as fingerprints. We are usually able to combine the physical and fingerprinting with uniform fittings for those coming from a distance so long as proper notice is given. 

Q: If someone from the 1st Recruit Class withdraws, can I move up from 2nd Recruit Class?
A: If there is room and time allows, we will go down the list in order to see if candidates would be interested and able to move up from the 2nd Recruit Class and into the 1st Recruit Class. Candidates will be contacted via email if this occurs.

Certified Firefighter Schedule

Congratulations, VBFA 6! Welcome to the VBFD!

Recruit Firefighter (Class 1) Schedule

October 6 - October 15: Pre-Employment Physicals
October 22: Final Offers (varies on completion of onboarding)
November 4: New Member Orientation / VBFA 7

Recruit Firefighter (Class 2) Schedule
October 18 - October 24: Polygraph
November 8: Conditional Offers
December 1 - December 17: Pre-Employment Physicals
January 5: Final Offers (varies on completion of onboarding)
January 26: New Member Orientation / VBFA 8