Career Opportunities

​Consider a Rewarding Career with the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Join our Team of DEDICATED, COMPASSIONATE, and HIGHLY TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. Become a Virginia Beach Firefighter!​


We are now accepting applications for the following positions:

Code Inspector II (Full-Time)

Code Inspector II (Part-Time)


Inspect commercial properties, industrial, hotel/motel, mercantile, institutional, and other structures and facilities by making on-site inspections for compliance with applicable State, and City codes; and leave detailed written inspections report with the owner/manager or responsible party documenting the results of the inspection.

Issue required fire code permit applications.

Respond to complaints of violations or alleged unsafe conditions.

Complete re-inspections to ensure compliance with previously noted violations.

Issue permit for activities involving the handling, storage, use of substances, materials or assembly of any devices regulated by the SFPC, or for any process that produces conditions hazardous to life or property.

Coordinate multi-agency inspections and communicate suspected violations of other codes to appropriate agencies.

Complete daily activity reports which include places inspected, times of inspections, results of

inspections, and total inspections made.

Issue a Notice of Violation and/or summons to property owners, managers, responsible parties or corporations for violations of the applicable code and failure to comply within the time allowed by the inspector.

Provide testimony in court cases where there are code questions.


Applications for Firefighter & Firefighter Recruit are currently closed! 

Email to be added to the interest list for the next hiring process!


NOTE: All dates are subject to change! The next stage of the hiring process are Structured Oral Interviews (SOIs).  Make sure you are prepared by practicing and researching the department. Please be sure to plan your travel time accordingly as we are nearly at max capacity for the week. As such, late arrivals will be removed from the hiring process. Finally, please remember that Firefighters perform physically demanding job functions in various challenging and intense environments. We expect all candidates to make physical fitness, conditioning, and overall wellness a priority.

We also recommend bookmarking this page for updates to the schedule for the hiring process. If you would like to withdraw from the process at any time, please be sure to send a notice to

Q: When will I receive results back from my interview?
A: Scoring cards will need to be sent to our testing facility for final calcualtions and then reviewed by our City HR staff. Once those results have been reviewed, we will notify candidates of their status. We hope to have results out within two weeks.

Q: What happens if I turn my Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ) in late?
A: Unfortunately, you will be removed from the hiring process regardless of how well you did on your interview. Please be sure to complete and submit the paperwork prior to the May 22nd deadline. Late documents will not be accepted.

Q: I applied as a certified candidate. Are you able to check and see if you have all my certifications I submitted with my application?
A: Yes, we can verify that we have received your certifications for Certified Firefighter. You can send an email to the Recruiter at

Q: I want to switch from a Recruit applicant to a Certified applicant. What certifications do I need?
A: In order to qualify for Certified Firefighter, we will need the following certifications: Firefighter I & Firefighter II (IFSAC or ProBoard), EMT, EVOC, CPR, Hazmat Ops, and ICS - 100, 200, 700, & 800. If we are missing any of the required certs, you will stay as or be automatically moved the Recruit process.

Q: What is the next stage of the process?
A: Please bookmark this page to keep up-to-date on the remainder of the hiring process (all dates are subject to change). 

2022 Recruit Firefighter Schedule

May 22:                  Personal History Questionnaires (PHQ) Due
June 1 - June 22:   Reference Checks
June 1 - June 14:    Polygraph
Late June:              Conditional Offers
July 7 - July 29:       Pre-Employment Physicals & Background Checks
Mid-August:           Final Offers
Late-August:          VBFA9