Emergency preparedness involves the personal responsibility to prepare yourself and your family to be self-sufficient.

The type of disaster, whether manmade or natural, will impact the decisions you will need to make and the actions that you may need to take.  Being prepared and knowing what to do can make all the difference when it comes to your family's safety and the protection of your property.  Take the simple 3-step all-hazards approach: 1) Have a kit, 2) Have a plan, and 3) Stay informed.

If a disaster occurs, the city will do everything possible to get services back to normal as quickly as possible, but you need to remember that it may take time and you and your family could be on your own for an unknown period of time.
Another step in protecting your home and family is to purchase flood insurance for your home and its contents.  Your basic homeowners' policy does not cover flood damage.  Be prepared before a flood, whether you live near the water or not, as floods can happen anytime, anywhere, and can happen very fast.