Use of Property for Fire Training Purposes

​​​​​Burning House 
The Virginia Beach Fire Departmentis looking for a few "Bad" Buildings!!
The Virginia Beach Fire Department is asking property owners who may have a structure that is abandoned and /or ready to be demolished to allow firefighters to conduct training in it. There are three types of training:
Non-destructive (used for search and rescue training) ·
  • Destructive (used for breaching walls, cutting holes in roofs, knocking out windows, etc.
  • Burns (Used for fire suppression activities)
The VBFD needs abandoned/vacant buildings for these different types of training. If a property owner has a vacant structure that they would like to allow the VBFD use for fire training purposes, but doesn't want the building destroyed, they can request it be used for NON-DESTRUCTIVE training. If a property owner has a vacant structure that is scheduled for demolition, the fire department would be grateful to use it for DESTRUCTIVE OR BURN training. The best structures for firefighter training are ones that are not good for the owners - having low appeal for potential tenants.
Buildings that are most sought after are: (ABANDONED/VACANT)
  • Single family residences
  • Multi-family residences
  • One or two-story apartment buildings
  • Schools
  • Strip shopping centers
  • Large "Big Box" facilities (i.e. grocery stores, hardware stores, commercial-type buildings, etc.)
Some of the criteria for the properties include having had a completed list of the below listed documents:
  • Proof of Ownership (deed)
  • Cut-off letter to all the utilities (i.e. Electrical, Cable, Gas, Water/HRSD)
  • Copy of Asbestos Report
  • Copy of Demolition Permit
Anyone wishing to help the VBFD with the use of their structure should contact:​​​

​​Facilities Management, Attn: Tracey Hill
​Municipal Center, Building 18, Ste 228
Virginia Beach, VA. 23456
(757) 385-5659​

 ​​The City of Virginia Beach Fire Department thanks you for your consideration in the use of your property for fire training purposes. This use will benefit everyone in our community and help to ensure the City of Virginia Beach maintains a "feeling safe at any time, anywhere" for it's citizens and visitors.
Smoke on a Roof

​Property owners should understand that the City of Virginia Beach cannot and will not provide tax advice. The City of Virginia Beach will provide written acknowledgement for the use of the property for training purposes; however, the City will not sign any tax forms with respect to the property.
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