Urban Search & Rescue Training Areas

​​​​​Urban Search And Rescue Team Sign The Virginia Beach Fire Training Center serves as a Level I and Level II Testing Site - one of only two locations on the East Coast - for the testing and training of US&R canine/handler teams. Certification in search and rescue techniques includes the following:
Level I Certification
  • Proper Command Control
  • Agility Skills
  • Barking Alert Skills - to notify the rescue of a find
  • The Canine's willingness to overcome innate fears of tunnels and wobbly surfaces under the guidance of the handler.

Level II Certification
  • The Search Animal to perform specific standards under the handler's direct supervision and guidance.
  • Advanced Certification requires the search animal to perform these tasks out of sight of the handler and to successfully search more difficult rescue simulation courses.

Canine/Handler Teams are recertified every two years in order to participate in search and rescue operations.
Canine/Handler Teams are a vital part of the Urban Search and Rescue Program. These dogs love to serve and all the team members rely on these animals, not only in the difficult aspects of a disaster deployment, but to help relieve their stress as well.