Resource Management

The Resource Management Bureau is tasked with the day to day management of the department’s assets. The Fire department uniformsmission of Resource Management is to provide the members of the Virginia Beach Fire Department with supplies and services needed to allow them to protect our citizens during any emergency in the City and to anticipate, forecast and plan for the future needs of our department. The Resource Management Bureau is staffed with a Battalion Chief with oversight of an Administrative Specialist, two Storekeepers, and a Mechanic II/Repair Technician.
Fostering a close working relationship with the Finance Department’s Purchasing Division and through a delegated procurement authority, the Resource Management Bureau procures all the needed consumable goods, supplies, equipment, personal protective apparel and uniforms for the department, and other organizations in the city. The office adheres closely to the Virginia Public Procurement Act and National Institute of Governmental Purchasing guidelines to ensure the highest level of fairness and ethical standard in all procurements.
The Resource Management office complex is located at 1356 Taylor Farm Road.  The complex is primarily used for receiving, packaging, and Warehousepreparation of tools, equipment, and consumable goods for distribution to the 20 VBFD facilities, geographically spread throughout the city. The storekeeping staff is tasked with ensuring the emergency response staff in the operations branch has their needs met to include; medical supplies, firefighting protective apparel, fire hose, tools, office supplies, cook wear and janitorial supplies. The Resource Management maintenance section operates from a repair shop and “air room”, and is responsible for the maintenance, repair and testing of all self-contained breathing apparatus used throughout the CVB to include the Police, Sheriffs and EMS departments. Additionally, the staff is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 8 high pressure breathable air compressors, geographically spread through the system and the maintenance and repair of fire hose, nozzles, power saws, vacuum cleaners and a wide assortment of other items. The Resource Management staff maintains an up to date inventory of all capital assets and all department hardware, equipment, furnishings, protective apparel and other personally issued items.​​​​​​
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