Special Events

​​​​​​Special events are non-routine activities that place a strain on community resources, involves a large number of people, and may require special permits or additional planning, preparation, and mitigation. All events throughout the city must contact the Special Events and Film Office to see if the planned function meets the criteria to require a permit and the submission of a full application. Events being held in any city parks should contact the Department of Parks and Recreation for additional information regarding permits, fees, and required applications.

Special Events and Film Office

Parks and Recreation

Tent Vendors and Mobile Food Vendors

All food vendors are required to have a fire inspection prior to opening. Vendors must contact the Special Events and Film Office (SEFO) and/or Parks and Recreation fill out all required applications, you can find more information regarding this on their website. Unless otherwise noted, the inspection time will be 1 hour prior to the start time of the event. Any deficiencies will cause the vendor to delay opening until all violations have been corrected and a re-inspection performed.

Mobile Food Trucks, Trailers, and Stands

​All Mobile Vendors are subject to inspection under special event guidelines. Vendor equipment shall meet all requirements in NFPA, the manufacturer of equipment, and the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code (VSFPC). Equipment shall have a Type I hood system installed when producing grease laden vapors, which includes a UL-300 compliant suppression system for the cook line. Any vehicle or trailer that does not meet this requirement and others noted in the vendor requirements document will not be allowed to cook with grease laden vapors in the City of Virginia Beach.

Please refer to the following documents, which have a complete list of all food vendor requirements. 

A quick reference flyer is available to anyone who has basic fire concerns pertaining to special events.

All promoters, organizers, and vendors are encouraged to read the fire guidebook when planning an event and to answer all detailed questions.

Fire Guidebook​​

​​General event questions should be directed to SEFO or Parks and Recreation depeding on where the event is taking place. If vendors have any questions about fire requirements or need clarification on any fire related concerns, please contact our office.​​