​​​​​Hotel Motel Task Force

The Virginia Beach Fire Prevention Bureau Partners with the Department of Housing & Code Enforcement and with the Virginia Department of Health to inspect all hotels, motels, and bed & breakfast facilities in the city. All three agencies work together in order to maintain a high level of Code Compliance throughout the city in these establishments.

Life Safety Inspections

Throughout the year periodic safety inspections are performed in places of assembly. Places of assembly include but are not limited to: bars, night clubs, restaurants, banquet halls, amusement areas, or any other place that people may gather. The inspections are focused on emergency exits, overcrowding, equipment access, and any other violations that would directly impact the safety and wellbeing of all occupants.

Environmental Crimes Task Force

This unit focuses on violations of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code that directly impact the environment. Depending on the severity of the issue this unit may work independently or in conjunction with state and federal agencies. It is the property owner's responsibly to clean up and remediate all hazards, however individuals found to be illegally disposing of hazardous waste will be held liable as well. Calls regarding these issues are always welcomed.

Special Events Task Force

Major events that are held within the City are reviewed and discussed by Fire, Police, Special Events Office, and Parks & Recreation. Any other questions or inquires about special events requirements should be directed to The Special Events and Film Office at 757-385-4800. For more information regarding event guidelines please see the Office of Special Events website here.

Hoarding Task Force

The FPB partners with the Department of Housing to address issues throughout the city when discovered during annual inspections and complaints. Any conditions that are considered hoarding are brought to the attention of the Department of Housing and local Fire Companies. To report a hoarding situation or seek help, contact the Department of Human Services, Adult Protective Services Unit at 385-3550. For online information please visit this site for more information.