Fire Lanes

​​​​This section outlines the requirements for marking fire lanes in the City of Virginia Beach in order to prevent parking in front of or adjacent to fire hydrants and/or to provide access for firefighting equipment and apparatus.  Markings and signs are to be provided and maintained by the owner or agent of the owner of the property involved. 

Fire Lane Markings

​All enforceable fire lanes shall be marked as follows:

  1. Curb and Pavement Markings
    1. The curb line shall be painted hot traffic yellow.
    2. In areas without curbs a six inch hot traffic yellow border shall be applied parallel to the roadway, at the edge of the pavement.
  2. ​Approved signs (Required in all fire lane areas)
    1. A sign shall be positioned at the beginning and end of the fire lane and at 100 foot intervals throughout the fire lane or as designated by the fire official.
    2. Where fire lanes are less than 50 feet in length, a single sign positioned in the center is permissible with arrows pointing in both directions.
    3. Signs shall be mounted on posts and must not exceed a setback of 6 feet from the curb or edge of the roadway.
    4. The sign shall be positioned where clearly visible to traffic.
    5. The sign is to be mounted not less than 7 feet from the ground to the bottom of the sign, unless otherwise directed.
    6. Signs shall not be obscured from view by bushes, shrubs, etc.
  3. ​Sign Lettering and Construction
    1. Preferred lettering on sign: NO PARKING FIRE LANE TOWING ENFORCED arrows to point to and indicate the area designated as fire lane. (see example sheet) Acceptable lettering on sign: FIRE LANE NO PARKING
    2. Red letters on white background with 3/8" red stripe around the entire outer edge of the sign.
    3. Lettering size as follows: 
      1. No Parking --- Fire Lane - 2" Towing Enforced - 1" Arrow - 1"
      2. Metal construction, approximately 12" x 18".

Loading Zone Designation

A portion of an existing Fire Lane may be converted to a Loading Zone, however it must meet the following criteria. The area to be considered for a Loading Zone must be within the occupant’s property lines. Prior to designating a Loading Zone a letter shall be on file from either the property manager or property owner requesting this modification to the property. The Loading Zone shall not reduce the available access to less than 20 feet.

  1. The Loading Zone cannot exceed 50 feet in length.
  2. The remaining Fire Lane shall not be less than 80 feet in length.
  3. The Loading Zone shall not block ingress or egress into the occupancy.
  4. The Loading Zone shall not block handicap accessibility.
  5. The occupant shall provide a site plan with marked Fire Lanes and Loading Zones, signed and dated.
  6. The occupant will install and mark the Fire Lanes and Loading Zones so that a clear delineation is made between the two. This marking shall be approved by the Fire Official.
  7. Abuse of the Fire Lane after a Loading Zone is approved may result in the revocation of the Loading Zone.

Please contact our office with any questions