Child Safety Seat Installation Assistance

Tools and Resources

Visit one of these interactive websites below to learn more about the right seat for your child's age, weight, and height.  These tools provide helpful information on how to choose and use a car seat.  Learn how to fit and test a child’s harness, and test whether the car seat is installed tightly enough in the car. 

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide
Safe Kids Worldwide
Learn basic tips to keep your child safe at every age and every stage.Untitled design (6).png
The Right Seat
Easy-to-use tool that helps you find the right seat for your child.NHTSA The Right Seat.png
​Car Seat Basics Course
National Safety Council
Free introductory online course for new parents and caregivers.
Car Seat Basics.png

Most car seat manufacturing companies offer installation tutorials and assistance specific to your models by telephone, e-mail and virtual appointments.  Click to visit your Car Seat Manufacturer's website.

Car Seat Check Appointments

Virginia Beach Fire Department offers free car seat checks with a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician by advance appointment only.  

Please call 757-385-2875 for assistance or to book an appointment online with a CPS Technician, CLICK HERE.  

CPSTs Near You

*Find other nationally certified child passenger safety technicians near you.  Simply fill in the online form and search by location, language or special needs training. 

Child Passenger Safety Technicians are trained to educate you to install and use your car seat properly in your vehicle. Be prepared to learn.  When you leave, you should be confident that your child’s seat is installed correctly and feel comfortable reinstalling it on your own.

Virginia's Child Safety Seat Laws

As of July 1, 2019: Children are to ride in a rear-facing safety seat until the age of two or the child reaches the minimum weight limit for a forward-facing safety seat as prescribed by the manufacturer of the safety seat.

Child restraint devices are required for children through the age of seven (until 8th birthday). Safety seats must be properly used and approved to meet Department of Transportation standards. The Virginia law is based on age and proper usage. Proper selection and use of a safety seat regarding weight and height is in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the safety seat. Rear-facing child restraint devices must be placed in the back seat of a vehicle. In the event the vehicle does not have a back seat, the child restraint device may be placed in the front passenger seat only if the vehicle is either not equipped with a passenger-side airbag or the passenger side airbag has been turned off.

Additional Tips:

  • Review and compare the the vehicle's manual with the car seat instruction manual.
  • Most car seat manufacturers provide live support and video installation tutorials on their websites.
  • Scan the QR code on the label of your seat for video tutorials.
  • Always REGISTER your car seat with the manufacturer for important recall and safety notices.