Child Safety Seat Installation Assistance

​The leading cause of death to children ages 3-14 in the United States is motor vehicle crashes?  Of all the kids who died in car crashes in 2011, 33% were not restrained.  Child car seats are proven life savers and significantly reduce the risk of serious injury to young children.  To be effective though, these child car seats must be installed correctly.  Almost all parents believe they are installing their child's car seat correctly however, statistics show that 72-84% of parents are misusing car seats.  The Virginia Beach Fire Department offers child passenger safety education and assistance with the installation of car seats at Fire Station 21 which is located at 1468 Nimmo Parkway.  

This assistance is regularly available on Mondays from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Wednesdays from Noon to 4 p.m. except when city offices are closed, holidays and/or as noted in the schedule below​.

​Sep 92:00-6:00Sep 1112:00-4:00
Sep 1612:00-4:00Sep 1812:00-4:00
Sep 232:00-6:00Sep 2512:00-4:00
Sep 302:00-6:00Oct 212:00-4:00
Oct 72:00-6:00Oct 912:00-4:00
Oct 142:00-6:00Oct 1612:00-4:00
Oct 212:00-6:00Oct 2312:00-4:00
Oct 282:00-6:00Oct 3012:00-4:00
Nov 42:00-6:00
Nov 612:00-4:00
Nov 11HolidayNov 1312:00-4:00
Nov 182:00-6:00Nov 2012:00-4:00
Nov 252:00-6:00
Nov 2712:00-4:00
Dec 22:00-6:00Dec 412:00-4:00
Dec 92:00-6:00Dec 1112:00-4:00
Dec 162:00-6:00​
Dec 1812:00-4:00
Dec 232:00-6:00Dec 25Holiday
Dec 302:00-6:00

Additional resources for proper installation and use of car seats:

  • Review the owners' manual for your car and car seat
  • Search the internet for your car seat.  Most manufacturers provide detailed video installation instructions 
  • Search YouTube for your specific Car Seat
  • Other videos available at
  • Contact AAA of Tidewater and request an Appointment (757-233-3889)


For the most recent statistics available and more information about car safety seats and booster seats visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website at:​

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