Deferred Compensation Board and Plan Information

The city council has authorized the adoption of the Commonwealth of Virginia 457 Deferred Compensation Plan (COV457), managed by the Virginia Retirement System, as the City's Deferred Compensation Plan subject to the periodic oversight and direction of the deferred compensation board. The transition from Empower the current record keeper, to the COV457 will be effective January 2020.  

Because the city council has authorized the participation in the COV457 Plan, the supervision of such plan by the board shall be the regular review of the COV457 Plan to evaluate whether such plan serves the interests of the plan participants.

If you would like more information about the COV457 Plan and the investments that are available you may go directly to the site, the transition website  .You can also call 1-855-253-1201.

The current record keeper for the COV457 Plan is ICMA-RC to contact the local Virginia Beach area specialist email 


Contact Information

 Board Members

John D. Moss, City Council Representative
Beverly Anderson, School Board Representative
Kenneth Stolle, Sheriff/High Constable
Letitia L. Shelton, Director of Finance
Farrell Hanzaker, Chief Financial Officer/Schools
Regina Hilliard, Director of Human Resources
Linda Matkins, Director of Benefits
Terry Jenkins, City of Virginia Beach Retiree
David Hartzog, Payroll Administrator
Stacy Hawks, Employee Relations Manager