Run Your Water


Billing for Water Piping and Supply

Water for the City of Virginia Beach is provided by Public Utilities. Their Combined Services Statement bi-monthly billing also includes charges for stormwater drain services provided by Public Works.  

To Start or Stop your Water & Sewage services:

Notify Public Utilities Business Division 

For a Sewage backup or blockage, or to report Missing Manhole Covers:

Public Utilities' Operations & Maintenance Division: (757) 385-1400.

Larger-than-normal water bill due to a leak:

for possible adjustment call (757) 385-4631 or 1-866-697-3481

or utilize the new Public Utilities Online Services, to contact Customer Service.

 Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment for the City of Virginia Beach is handled by Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD). This is a regional service, not part of the City of Virginia Beach. Consequently, you will be billed separately for their services. 

When your HRSD account is past due, your water service may be turned off. Public Utilities will not turn your water back on if it has been turned off by HRSD. To have water service restored, your HRSD bill must be paid in full, including any delinquent service charges. To expedite service, payment should be made in person. ​​

As a service to you, Virginia Beach Public Utilities notifies HRSD of new or outgoing customers, so you do not need to notify HRSD directly of your moving plans.


Stormwater Drain service for the City of Virginia Beach is provided by Public Works. For a stormwater drain problem call (757) 385-4131, or an online interactive form is also available for your convenience under the title "Service Requests".