Special Events & Film Production Office

The Special Events Office is responsible for providing event permits and will assist with scheduling and approval by other city departments to ensure a safe and smooth event process.
The Special Events and Film Production Office does not plan, present or sponsor events itself. Events in Virginia Beach are planned and presented by individuals, neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, other city departments, local businesses, cultural institutions and professional event planners.​

​The current city contractor for entertainment events in the oceanfront resort area is Live On Atlantic.​


 Outdoor Event Application ​

Resort Management Special Event Outdoor Application ​

Please submit the event application and processing fee 30-60-90 days (depending on event type) prior to event to avoid incurring late fees. Refer to page 1 of the application form to determine the event type.  When you submit an application, you are agreeing to all rules and regulations as stated in the Special Event Permit Guidebook (rev 2/2020)​

Fee Payment​​

The following application processing fees are accepted: money order, check or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS). No cash please.​​

 ​Vendor / Sponsor Information

A Vendor and/or Sponsor Information Application form must be completed for each individual, organization or business participating at the event providing information, services, merchandise or food. Forms must be submitted 30​ days before the event.

Vendor and-or Sponsor Information - RESORT - Food 

Vendor and-or Sponsor Information - RESORT - Non-Food​  

Vendor and-or Sponsor Information - NONRESORT - Food 

Vendor and-or Sponsor Information - NONRESORT - Non-Food​ 

Food vendors may be subject to an inspection by the Health Department and Fire Marshal's Office. Food vendors must also register with the Commissioner of the Revenue. For more information, refer to the  Special Event Requirement for Food Vendors with Fire Requirement ​.​​​ 

 Film Permits

Film Permit Guidelines and Application​.​​​​​ Please submit at least 2 weeks prior to event to avoid incurring late fees.

 Contact Information

Events@vbgov.com Phone: (757) 385-4800

Contact Information