Resort Advisory Commission (RAC)

The general purpose of the Resort Advisory Commission shall be to review and make recommendations to City Council regarding projects and issues associated with the Oceanfront Resort Area, and such other resort and/or tourism-related projects and issues as the Council may refer to the Commission. The Commission's goal shall be to support the City Council's efforts to realize its vision of Virginia Beach as a quality resort destination.

​​​​​​​​The Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) is composed of 19 Commissioners who​ have been appointed by City Council. They participate in formulating and advising on the resort projects  developed within the Strategic Growth Area department.

​The RAC meets on the first Thursday of every month.

The usual meeting location is the 2nd floor of the Virginia Beach Convention Center at 1000 19th Street. There are prominently displayed directional signs posted inside the Convention Center. ​The RAC meeting schedule can be found at this link.​

Resort Advisory Commission Subcommittees 

The subcommittee members are responsible for developing recommendations for the RAC to review regarding relevant issues in the oceanfront resort area. There are currently 6 subcommittees, and the RAC subcommittee schedules can be found at this link.

Oceanfront Strategic Growth Area Committee (OSGAC)

To assist the Resort Advisory Commission in supporting the​ strategic planning initiatives in the resort area.

​Green Resort Eco-friendly Efficient Neighbors Committee (G.R.E.E.N.)

To foster green and sustainable initiatives , in all aspects of Virginia Beach tourism and hospitality, as we continue to thrive as a certified  Virginia Green Destination for leisure and convention travelers.

​Oceanfront Enhancement Committee (OEC)

To propose to RAC new ideas and perspectives that foster the continued ongoing, positive transformation of the resort for locals and visitors. To that end, we agree that both creating and managing first-class events, programs, and aesthetics have been and will be successful at promoting a secure, inviting, festive, economically vibrant, and inclusive atmosphere.

Planning/Design Review Committee (PDRC)

To improve the quality of design and development of the built environment for the beach community, in service to the Resort Advisory Commission and the citizens of Virginia Beach.

​Resort Investment Committee (RIC)

The Resort Investment Committee will work in conjunction with the Resort Industry in the development of priorities for investment and development in the Resort Area. We will monitor existing and identify other funding sources to facilitate outlined improvements. We will communicate and develop consensus for such improvements and review availability and stability of funding sources for the future and continued success of the Resort.

​Transportation, Parking, Pedestrian Committee (TPPC)

To evaluate and provide recommendations on the operations and development of facilities and programs that improve the transportation, parking, and pedestrian systems in the resort area for visitors, residents and businesses. The TPPC will also act as a sounding board for private and public initiatives and work to achieve consensus before making recommendations to the RAC on any issues.

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