Resort Management

The Resort Management Offices provide information and services relating to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront area.

​​​​​​Programs are provided to support:​​​​​​

  • ​general and major entertainment
  • special events permit processing, coordination and logistics
  • oceanfront business development opportunities on public property
  • Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) and RAC subcommittees​ support services
​Name​​​​​Job Title​Phone
Mike Eason​Resort Administrator(757) 385-6639​
Jamie Capps​​​Event Coordinator​(757) 385-6638
Sarah Tendler​Event Coordinator​(757) 385-6640
​Stephanie Goodman​Event Coordinator​(757) 385-6637
​​Jason Kmet ​​​Event Coordinator​(757) 385-6635
Forrest Harrell​​Event Coordinator​(757) 385-6686
Amanda Parrish​Event Coordinator​​(757) 385-6636
​​​Andrea Brown​Administrative Specialist (757) ​385-6634
Robin Hart​Office Assistant​ II  (757) ​385-4800​