Temporary Public Art


​​​​​​​The City of Virginia Beach has outlined four major objectives for art and culture in the city:

Arrow.jpg1. Expanding the city’s public art program

2. Establishing and encouraging the arts and cultural districts

3. Using the city’s art and cultural resources as a tourism and development tool

4. Supporting the evolution of the city’s arts economy.

The goal of Virginia Beach’s Temporary Public Art Program is to engage, inspire and surprise the community with unique works of art for a designated period of time, while creating vibrant meeting places and raising the profile of public art in Virginia Beach on both a national and international platform.

The Community-Based Public Art Initiative celebrates the spirit and diversity across the city. All works are created for the community, by the community, and with community artists.


Mount Trashmore Stairway Mural Winning Design


The public survey results have come in! Over 7,000 votes were cast and “Helping Hands” by Aimee Bruce is the winner. Bruce’s design received over 50% of the votes, along with overwhelming positive feedback and public support.

Artists from the Hampton Roads area were challenged to transform the iconic Mount Trashmore steps from a functional staircase into a fun and lively public work of art. The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation, sought out local artists to propose art concepts for a temporary painted mural on the stairwell next to Kid’s Cove. The submissions for the Mount Trashmore Stair murals came in, and the public voted for their favorite design.

We look forward seeing Aimee Bruce’s work added to the artistic landscape of Virginia Beach. The mural will be installed at the end of March, 2018.


Maser Projects

1) Edited Images-0001NEW.jpg   MaserPainting.jpgMaserStage2.jpg

In partnership with the City of Virginia Beach, MOCA and the ViBe Creative District engaged internationally renowned artist, Maser for a two-week artist residency during Summer 2017/Winter 2018. Maser designed and created three large-scale projects connecting points of interest through the ViBe Creative District to MOCA.

  • 19th Street Pop-Up Art Park
  • MOCA Mural
  • Stage in ViBe Park


Town Center Garage Murals


The Virginia Beach Development Authority, in partnership with the Town Center Advisory Board and the City’s Office of Cultural Affairs, engaged local artist Richard Nickel to create the first one-of-a-kind murals on three interior walls of the Block 4 Garage at the Town Center of Virginia Beach.

Bright images and bright colors were Richard’s approach to welcoming visitors to the Virginia Beach Town Center.


Rudee Walkway Murals


The City of Virginia Beach commissioned artist Giuseppe Percivati to create site-specific murals to be painted under the Rudee overpass for Spring 2018. The murals will transform the Rudee Underpass Walkway into a work of art that becomes a welcoming space for visitors, residents and families.

Selected artist Giuseppe Percivati aka. Pepe Gaka has over eight years of international experience in private and public commissioned mural work. He incorporated the variety of activities and views of the Rudee Inlet within his design.