Artist Opportunities


The goal of Virginia Beach's Temporary Art Program is to engage, inspire and surprise the community with unique works of art – for a designated period of time – while creating vibrant meeting places and raising the profile of public art in Virginia Beach on both a national and international platform.​

The Community-Based Public Art Initiative celebrates the spirit and diversity across the city. All works are created for the community, by the community, and with community artists.

 Artist Opportunities


RFP released​​​​: March 27, 2019
Submission deadline: April 30, 2019
Panel review: May 3, 2019
​Install: Fall, 2019
Project Budget: $45,000

The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs is looking to commission an artist or artist team to design and execute an exciting three-dimensional public art piece to transform an empty lot into a new vibrant and exciting public space that brings the community together for a unique experience. This piece should be family friendly, accessible to the public, transition from day to night, and create a fun gateway to the Atlantic Avenue resort area and the ViBe Creative District.

About the Site
The site is on the southeast corner of 17th Street and Pacific Avenue, and measures 140 ft. x 50 ft., approximately 7,000 square feet. Electrical service is not available on site; however, it is possible that accommodations can be made based on the accepted design needs. Solar options welcomed.​


RFP released​​​​: March 26, 2019
Submission deadline: April 29, 2019
Panel review: May 1, 2019
Public Vote: May 2-9, 2019
Install: June 1-14, 2019
Project Budget: $10,000

The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs is seeking a qualified artist or artist team to provide a site specific mural for the Rudee Loop North lot wall. The mural’s goal is to transform a drab, utilitarian space into a fun and lively public work of art. This artwork will create a unique sense of place and public art destination that anchors the southern-most point of Atlantic Avenue and connects to the highly trafficked Rudee Inlet, while
complementing the City’s existing public art pieces, World Below the Brine on the north end of the lot and Seashore Cathedral at the Rudee Walkway.

About the Site
The site is adjacent to the Rudee Loop area, which has a highly visible pedestrian foot/bike path and serves as a welcoming space for visitors, residents and families. The area is widely used by residents and visitors for activities such as boating, kayaking, fishing, surfing, parasailing and sightseeing. The site is also a block from the Boardwalk on the Oceanfront where the Atlantic Ocean and the shores of Virginia Beach meet. The three-mile
resort area is where sand, surf, and sun collide attracting 15.2 million visitors every year with festivals and events happening almost every weekend from spring to late fall.

The selection process includes an online public vote. The Public Art Selection Committee will narrow down the entries to three finalists, and the public will be asked to vote for their favorite. The mural with the most votes will be awarded the project. 


RFP released​​​: March 21, 2019
Submission deadline: May 7, 2019
Panel review: May 9, 2019
Artist notified: May 10, 2019
Residency: Between August and September, 2019
Project Budget: $15,000

Length of public art exhibit and level of public interaction to be determined by the Office of Cultural Affairs.

The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department, is looking to engage an artist or artist team for an artist residency to create a site-specific, environmentally responsive installation that educates the community and ignites their appreciation for Virginia Beach’s natural spaces. The installation would activate the trail system creating points of interest throughout the walkways to encourage daytime visitation.

Lake Smith/Lake Lawson Natural Area
This is a 42-acre site that includes a boat launch, kayak launch, restrooms, picnic shelter, restrooms, soft trails, hard trails, pedestrian bridge, car/trailer parking, shore fishing areas/platforms, and a playground. It is a network of three wooded waterfront peninsulas of land that serve as a natural area in Virginia Beach. The site was developed in 2013 adding the above listed amenities. The low impact/green design elements reflect the Parks & Recreation’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Sajo Farms neighborhood borders the south parcel on Lake Lawson while Cypress Point neighborhood borders both lakes. This property was purchased from the City of Norfolk in 2005. Norfolk still owns the water/reservoir and technically 25 feet around the water at this site. The causeway area where the art project is proposed is also owned by the City of Norfolk, but the City of Virginia
Beach has an easement over this area. Norfolk currently controls the use of water regulations, including the requirement for a boat permit to use the water.

A Natural Area’s primary purpose is to preserve the indigenous vegetation and wildlife in order to serve as a green infrastructure and as a scenic environment for Virginia Beach residents to enjoy. Natural Areas include areas for protection and management of the natural/cultural environment with recreation as a secondary objective. Recreational use might include passive recreation activities such as hiking, birding, environmental education, but may also include public waterway access improvements, and trail connections.​

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Runnymede is booking artists to host exhibitions in their Gallery at Pavilion I beginning October 2019. If interested in showing with them, please review & complete the below application for review by their committee.

About The Gallery

The Gallery at Pavilion I is a Class-A office building located within the ViBe Creative District, the newest art and cultural hub in Hampton Roads. At just six blocks from the Oceanfront, it is easily within walking distance of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Virginia Beach Convention Center, and many retail shops, restaurants, and health and wellness facilities. There are five (5) floors of space available for displaying art, each with a 23ft wall opposite the elevators so the work is seen immediately upon exit of each floor and in the lobby. Art work is available for public viewing from 9am-5:30pm M-F; and Opening Receptions typically attract 50-75 people.

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 Project Timeline + Process

Specific dates vary per project.

  • Submission deadline
  • Panel review of applications
  • Finalist notification
  • Interviews scheduled
  • Proposal presentations, if applicable 
  • Final artist selection
  • Contract
  • Design review phases, fabrication and installation schedule for art coordinated with project construction, and completion date.

 How Selections Will Be Made

A Public Art Selection Committee will be created by the Office of Cultural Affairs. The committee will consist of a minimum of two City representatives, a Public Art Committee member, an arts professional (who may also be a qualified Public Art Committee member), the project's building and/or landscape architect or engineer (if applicable), and at least one citizen at large who represents the community where the project is located. The Selection Committee members will serve through the completion of assigned public art project. Their duties will include the review and feedback regarding artist selections and concepts based on set criteria and complete applications.

The artist selection process will be unique to each project. The following are the different types of Calls to Artists.

General Call to Artists, RFP/RFQ
An open call to artists is posted to local and/or national platforms for a set period of time. All applicants are reviewed through selection process.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Invites artists to send their qualifications to be reviewed by the selection committee, but does not require a specific proposal to be submitted. Artists are chosen based on their past and current art and achievements.

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Call for Artists may include a request for brief comment (rather than a full proposal) on the artist's approach to the project.

                 • Promotion of Call to Artists may be through the following:

                          - CaFÉ

        ​​                  - American for the Arts Public Art Network​





                          - Social Media, with a specific focus on local / regional artist groups and organizations

                          - Media outlets

                          - Invitational emails to local, regional, national and/or short listed artists


All projects are open to artists who have previous experience in large-scale outdoor design and community-based projects (if applicable). Local and national professional artists or artist-led teams are eligible to apply.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have successfully managed and completed at least one (1) similar commissioned project with a budget equal to or greater than the proposed project budget.
  • Provide previous samples of work to illustrate style, qualifications and experiences