Artist Opportunities


The goal of Virginia Beach's Temporary Art Program is to engage, inspire and surprise the community with unique works of art – for a designated period of time – while creating vibrant meeting places and raising the profile of public art in Virginia Beach on both a national and international platform.​

The Community-Based Public Art Initiative celebrates the spirit and diversity across the city. All works are created for the community, by the community, and with community artists.

 Artist Opportunities



Pleasure House Point Environmentally Responsive Artist Residency

The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Brock Environmental Center, is looking to engage an artist or artist group for an artist residency to create a site-specific, environmentally responsive installation that spotlights the natural beauty, educates and reignites community appreciation for the Chesapeake Bay, while highlighting Virginia Beach’s natural spaces.

Artwork Goals

  • Enhance the natural beauty of the site and inform the public about environmental and ecological dynamics
  • Must be constructed to withstand weather and remain up for an eighteen-month period and work around and with the natural habitat of the site’s wildlife
  • Engage in community outreach, which may include on-site public interaction, educational programming, artist talks, classroom engagements, planning meetings, and community events.

Project Timeline

  • Release RFP February 15
  • Submission deadline March 19
  • Panel review March 23
  • Finalist notification and interview schedule March 28-30
  • Final artist selection April 5
  • Residency/Install May 6-19
  • RFP timeline may very. Length of public art exhibit and level of public interaction to be determined by the Office of Cultural Affairs.
Download Pleasure House Point RFP


African American Cultural Center Community Public Art Installation

The City of Virginia Beach Office of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the African American Cultural Center of Virginia Beach (AACC), is looking to create a dynamic, site-specific work of temporary public art that reflects the Center’s mission to connect, preserve, and celebrate Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County’s African American culture dating from the mid-1600s to the present. The artwork will inform and educate the public about African Americans’ achievements in business, politics, religion, city organization, to include African American history as well as inform Hampton Roads that this is the future site of the AACC. The AACC will be the regional leader in generating historical and cultural content through programs, artistic performances and curated exhibits.

Artwork Goals

  • Bring awareness to the site as the future home of the African American Cultural Center of Virginia Beach, the community and its history.
  • Relate thematically to the African American Cultural Center’s mission and goals as well as the history of the neighborhood and surrounding community.
  • Engage the community throughout the process.
  • Create a substantial community-based temporary work of public art.
  • The design must be engineered and secured to withstand unsupervised public interaction, winds up to 135 mph on vertical elements, and the natural elements including seasonal changes.

Project Timeline

  • Submission deadline: May 7
  • Panel review and possible video interviews: week of May 14 
  • Finalist notification: by May 18 
  • Design review phases, fabrication and installation schedule for art coordinated with project construction: by June 8
  • Completion date: Summer 2018

Download AACC Community Public Art Installation



 Project Timeline + Process

Specific dates vary per project.

  • Submission deadline
  • Panel review of applications
  • Finalist notification
  • Interviews scheduled
  • Proposal presentations, if applicable 
  • Final artist selection
  • Contract
  • Design review phases, fabrication and installation schedule for art coordinated with project construction, and completion date.

 How Selections Will Be Made

A Public Art Selection Committee will be created by the Office of Cultural Affairs. The committee will consist of a minimum of two City representatives, a Public Art Committee member, an arts professional (who may also be a qualified Public Art Committee member), the project's building and/or landscape architect or engineer (if applicable), and at least one citizen at large who represents the community where the project is located. The Selection Committee members will serve through the completion of assigned public art project. Their duties will include the review and feedback regarding artist selections and concepts based on set criteria and complete applications.

The artist selection process will be unique to each project. The following are the different types of Calls to Artists.

General Call to Artists, RFP/RFQ
An open call to artists is posted to local and/or national platforms for a set period of time. All applicants are reviewed through selection process.

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
Invites artists to send their qualifications to be reviewed by the selection committee, but does not require a specific proposal to be submitted. Artists are chosen based on their past and current art and achievements.

Request for Proposals (RFP)
Call for Artists may include a request for brief comment (rather than a full proposal) on the artist's approach to the project.

                 • Promotion of Call to Artists may be through the following:

                          - CaFÉ

                          - American for the Arts Public Art Network





                          - Social Media, with a specific focus on local / regional artist groups and organizations

                          - Media outlets

                          - Invitational emails to local, regional, national and/or short listed artists


All projects are open to artists who have previous experience in large-scale outdoor design and community-based projects (if applicable). Local and national professional artists or artist-led teams are eligible to apply.

Applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have successfully managed and completed at least one (1) similar commissioned project with a budget equal to or greater than the proposed project budget.
  • Provide previous samples of work to illustrate style, qualifications and experiences