ViBe Creative District

A group of artists, restaurants and businesses in and around 18th Street came together in 2014 to organize a First Fridays event. Based on the success of this event, there was momentum to expand that effort and formally develop a creative district in the area. The ViBe Creative District was formally established by the City Council on April 21, 2015.

 Goals & Objectives

  • ​To serve as a vibrant center for the arts, culture, technology, that is environmentally friendly. 
  • To enhance a sense of discovery for visitors and residents by revitalizing the area and making this uniquely ours.                               
  • To encourage the arts and artists as well as technical and creative resources to help them flourish and cross-pollinate. 
  • To support and expand the industry and creativity of those who live and work in the District. 
  • To stimulate commerce and enhance the quality of life for citizens of Virginia Beach and the District. 
  • To foster rising real estate values by helping the district become a place where people want to be. 
  • To assist in creating resources to help artists and artisans become established within the District. ​


  • ​B​POL Rebate (100%) (10 years) (For eligible Creative Businesses which received​ a business license after April 21, 2015)
  • Exemption of building code, zoning fees (For eligible Creative Businesses which received a business license after April 21, 2015)
  • Partial real estate tax exemption for rehabilitated structures (10 years) (For​ property owners)
  • Live-Work Provisions
  • Eligibility for Economic Development Incentive Program Awards & investment partnerships
  • Design assistance through Resort Advisory Commission ​

ViBe Creative District Incentives Overview