Policies & Procedures

Parenting Class:

Parties may satisfy the parenting seminar requirement by attending an approved webinar listed on the Supreme Court's website. The link is located on the Virginia Supreme Court's main Parenting Education web page under the “Find A Parent Education Seminar” heading: http://www.vacourts.gov/courtadmin/aoc/djs/programs/parented/home.html

​​​​​​​Continuance Policy and Procedures:

View the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court's Continuance Policy.

Discovery Order:

View the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court's Discovery Order​.

Fines and Costs:

View the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court's Time to Pay Agreement Policy​.

Witness Subpoena Request:

A witness subpoena request is a request to have the Court compel a person to attend a hearing. The request must be completed and returned to the Clerk's Office at least ten (10) calendar days prior to the court date. The request will not be processed if the completed request documents are not received by the Clerk's Office within the 10-day time frame. It is recommended that you submit the request as early as possible to ensure the person is served with a subpoena to appear. Keep in mind if the witness' address is outside of Virginia Beach, they may not be served in time to appear.

Subpoena Duces Tecum Request:

A subpoena duces tecum (SDT) is an order compelling a person to produce a tangible item to the Court. For example, a SDT may require an employer to produce an employee's pay records or a school to provide a student's school records. The SDT request must be made at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the court hearing.

DCSE Payment Instructions to be Released from Jail:

View the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court's DCSE Virginia Beach Purge Instructions.

Registering Another State's Support Order:

A request to register a support order from another state may be made by letter (as long as it meets the statutory criteria and contains the necessary information) or by completing the DC-685 form, Request for Virginia Registration of Non-Virginia Support Order.

The petitioner must provide the Court with the following:
  • Two copies, including one certified copy, of the order to be registered;
  • A sworn statement of the party seeking registration, showing the amount of any arrearage;
  • Name, address and last 4 digits of the social security number of the obligor (noncustodial parent) and the name and the address of their employer; and
  • Name and address of the obligee (custodial parent).
Please Note: Not all support orders can be registered.

Registering Another State's Custody Order:

A request to register a custody order from another state may be made by letter (as long as it meets the statutory criteria and contains the necessary information) or by completing the DC-582 form, Request for Virginia Registration of a Child Custody and/or Visitation Determination From Another State. The petitioner must file two copies of the court order for each child, one being a certified copy. 

Remote Hearings:

In certain cases, a party and/or witness may be able to appear by telephone or WebEx (similar to Zoom) for a case pending in this court. This only applies to custody, visitation, and support cases. To appear remotely you must:
  1. File a motion for remote hearing form (see link here...)
  2. File a Consent to Jurisdiction form (see link here...)
  3. Receive permission from the judge. 
The forms must be received by the court at least 72 hours in advance. Some factors that the court will consider are that the party and/or witness live out of state or will be out of state at the time of the hearing. Whether to grant your request or not is in the discretion of the judge.

If you have a DCSE case and want to appear remotely, you will also be required to provide the following documents with your remote hearing request form:
  1. Documentation of recent gross income such as a pay stub. 
  2. Documentation of the employment-related daycare costs for the child(ren) if appropriate.
  3. Documentation of the health/dental/vision insurance for just the child(ren) if appropriate. If the children are covered under a family plan, you must provide documentation of the cost for health insurance for an individual versus for the parent and child(ren). 
For DCSE cases, you will need to be sworn in under oath by a person authorized by the state in which you are present to testify. It is your responsibility to obtain the person who will swear you in. The individual swearing you in must have the authority by the state by which you are present to swear you in. They must be prepared to verify their authority to this court. Examples of such persons are clerks of court and notary publics. You will need to have a picture identification to show to the person swearing you in.

All the requested information should be faxed to the Virginia Beach Juvenile Court at 757-385-5683. In addition, if you have a DCSE case, the documentation of income, daycare, and insurance (listed above), should also be faxed to DCSE at 804-819-7121. Please put your case number, name, and contact information on your cover letter. 

If you have requested a hearing by WebEx and your request is granted, you will receive an email from the court with a green box in the body of the email that says, "JOIN MEETING." You will use that box to join the meeting at the appropriate time. Here is the link to some tips for using Webex: ...

Keep in mind that even though your case may be scheduled for a specific time, there may be other cases being heard at the same time in the courtroom. You will need to join the meeting and then wait until the judge starts the meeting. 

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