Policies & Procedures

​​​​​​​Continuance Policy and Procedures:

View the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court's Continuance Policy.

Discovery Order:

View the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court's Discovery Order​.


Expedited Hearings:

In the event a party files a motion for an expedited hearing, the motion will be scheduled on a like docket, motions docket, or duty docket to be set accordingly.

Subpoena Request:

A subpoena request is a request to have the Court compel a person to attend a hearing. The request must be completed and returned to the Clerk's Office at least ten (10) calendar days prior to court date. The request will not be processed if the completed request documents are not received by the Clerk's Office within the 10-day time frame. It is recommended that you submit the request as early as possible to ensure the person is served with a subpoena.

Subpoena Duces Tecum Request:

A subpoena duces tecum (SDT) is an order compelling a person to produce a tangible item to the Court. For example, a SDT may require an employer to produce an employee's pay records or a school to provide a student's school records. The SDT request must be made at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the court hearing.

Registering Another State's Support Order:

You must provide the Court with the following:
  • Two copies, including one certified copy, of the order to be registered;
  • A sworn statement of the party seeking registration, showing the amount of any arrearage;
  • Name, address and last 4 digits of the social security number of the obligor (noncustodial parent) and the name and the address of his/her employer; and
  • Name and address of the obligee - custodial parent.
Please Note: Not all support orders can be registered.

Registering Another State's Custody Order:

File a certified copy of the custody decree of another state in the Clerk's Office of the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court.
Out-of-State Telephonic Hearing:
For Initial petitions for child support and child support modification, the party is authorized a telephonic hearing upon meeting the following three conditions. Failure to fully complete the form and the conditions stated below will result in the denial of the telephonic hearing.
  1. Reside out-of-state;
  2. Out-of-state parties must be sworn in under oath by a person authorized by the state in which they are present to testify. It is the out-of-state party’s responsibility to set up the telephonic hearing under oath and advise this court and DCSE with the details. The individual administering the oath to the party must have the authority by the state in which the party is present to do so and provide this court with documentation of such. Examples of such persons may include clerks of court and notaries of public.
  3. Provide the court with a completed Request for Telephonic Hearing Form along with the requested attachments at least one week prior to the court hearing by fax or mail.
    • Documentation of recent gross income such as a pay stub
    • Documentation of day care cost for the child(ren) if applicable
    • Documentation of health insurance/dental cost for the child(ren) if applicable. If the children are on a family plan, it is essential to provide documentation of what the health insurance cost for an individual versus for the parent and child(ren).
  4. These documents should be faxed to the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court at 757-385-5683 and to DCSE at 804-819-7121​.
  5. Click here for Request For Telephonic Hearing Form

​The Court’s address is as follows:

Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
2425 Nimmo Parkway, Building 10
Judicial Complex 10A
Municipal Center
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
DCSE’s address is as follows:
Division of Child Support Enforcement
Pembroke Office Building 6, Suite 500
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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