Filing Motions in JDR

​​​​​​​​​Numerous questions have been raised regarding which petitions or motions will be accepted by the Virginia Beach Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court regarding custody and visitation matters. To clarify:
When a visitation order based on a previously filed visitation petition has been entered in this court or a Circuit Court decree has been entered ordering specific visitation, then a Motion to Amend/Review (Form DC-630) may be filed to modify visitation or a Motion to Show Cause (Form DC-635) may be filed for failure to comply with visitation. Conversely, if visitation was only ordered as liberal or reasonable, then a new visitation petition (DC Form 511 ) must be filed. If prior visitation was awarded as a result of a visitation petition filed in another Virginia J&DR Court, from which the case was transferred to this court, visitation can be modified upon filing a Motion to Amend/Review (Form DC-630).
For all custody matters (original or modifications) a new petition must be filed on the Court's form DC Form 511.

 Miscellaneous Motions

Miscellaneous motions such as:
  • Motion to Expedite,
  • Motion to Appoint a GAL,
  • Motion to Withdraw as Counsel,
  • Motion to Continue a Matter,
  • Motion to Advance on the Docket,
  • Motion to Quash,
  • Motion to Compel,
  • Motion to Vacate an Order,
  • Motion to Rehear,
  • Motion for Attorney's Fees, or
  • Motion to Enter an Order (if the case has already been heard and the Court is expecting an order as a result), or
  • any other similar motion (other than a motion to modify visitation or custody)

may be filed on the attorney's ​pleading form (original and two copies!). In other words, these do not have to be filed on the court's Motion to Amend/Review form. Please note that notices (original and two copies) must accompany these pleadings on attorney forms.

 Motions to Show Cause

​Motions to Show Cause must be filed on the Court's Motion to Show Cause (Form DC-635) (an original and two copies!) When that motion is submitted, the Court will issue a subpoena or summons to appear. Therefore, only the motion, and not a notice or an order is required to be filed.
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