Information from the Clerk’s Office

Court Expectations

Pursuant to the Supreme Court of Virginia's order, all persons aged 10 or over entering the courthouse must wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth unless they have difficulty breathing, cannot remove a face mask without help or have other medical issues that make the wearing of a face covering unsafe.

Only necessary parties should come to the courthouse for your hearing. (This means only persons who will be testifying in your hearing.)

In particular bringing children to court is strongly discouraged unless directed by the court to do so.

Social distancing will be required in the courthouse and all courtrooms.

CDC guidelines will be followed by the court. Any person who is ill, has traveled to a virus “Hotspot” or has been instructed to quarantine due to the virus must advise the court prior to coming to the courthouse for your case. You will receive further instructions.

While cellphones are not generally allowed in the courthouse, bring your cellphone in the event you are required to return to your car to wait to be notified of your hearing.


We request that you use the email address ( to inquire about case information or to file documents when normal filing procedures (for example filing by mail or in person) cannot be used. The court will not accept emails with attachments that are over 25 pages and these emails will be returned to the sender. Please do not fax and email the same documents as this creates duplicate work for the Clerk’s Office.

Motion for Remote Hearing

Motions for Remote Hearing may be filed according to the Court's COVID-19 Orders dated May 15, 2020 and June 2, 2020. Please use this form

Parenting Class

Please be advised that during the Judicial Emergency, parties may satisfy the parenting seminar requirement by attending an approved webinar listed on the Supreme Court's website.

The link is located on the Virginia Supreme Court's main Parenting Education web page under the “Find A Parent Education Seminar” heading:

Court Ordered Conditions

If you cannot complete your court-ordered conditions, such as community service or driving school due to closings, please submit a written request for additional time to complete these conditions. Requests should be mailed to:

Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court

2425 Nimmo Parkway, Building 10A

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

We sincerely appreciate your patience during this time.

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