Pre-Payable Citations

​​​​​​​​​Certain traffic and non-traffic offenses are pre-payable. A complete lists of the offenses that may be prepaid, whether a State Code or City Code violation, are listed under "Related Documents". If your case is tried before a judge, the judge may impose a fine other than the fines listed.

Prepayable Offenses:

Certain traffic and non-traffic offenses are prepayable. A complete lists of the offenses that may be prepaid, whether a State Code violation or a City Code violation, are included in the:

  • ​Uniform Fee Schedules set out in the Rules of the Virginia Supreme Court (State Code violations):
    • Rule 3B:2 (traffic offenses)
    • Rule 3C:2 (non-traffic offenses)
  • Uniform Fine Schedule promulgated by the Virginia Beach Circuit Court (City Code violations).

There is a prepared a Uniform Fine Schedule for Certain Prepayable Offenses, which is under related links. This schedule includes the fine and the State and/or City Code section for those offenses most often prepaid.

NOTE:If your case is tried before a judge, the judge may impose a fine other than the fine listed in the schedules.

Prepayment Requirements:

To prepay a fine, which waives the court hearing and enters a plea of guilty, you must prepay the fines and costs. The prepayment must be filed and the fines received by the General District Court's Accounting Office, no later than the last business day prior to the court date stated on your summons.

​To ensure your payment is processed effectively:

  • Look on your summons, has the officer checked the box on the front of the summons that reads: "You may avoid coming to court only if this box is checked"?

    • If the box is checked, look for your offense and fine on the schedule of offenses most often prepaid

    • If the box is checked and you do not see your offense on the schedule, contact the Accounting Office at 385-8470.

  • Read carefully the Pretrial Waiver and Prepayment Instructions, located on the front of your summons.

  • Sign the Waiver of Trial, located on the front of the summons, in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Calculate the total amount due.

  • Payment may be made: (1) in person, (2) by mail, or (3) by telephone; or (4) on-line.

    1. In person - Hand-deliver your payment to the cashier's window. Bring your summons with you.

    2. By Mail - Mail your payment, along with a copy of your summons that contains your signed Waiver of Trial, to: Virginia Beach General District Court Accounting Office 2425 Nimmo Parkway Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-9057.

    3. By Telephone - To pay by phone, call the Accounting Office, at 385-8470. You must pay by credit card. 

    4. On-line - Certain prepayable offense may be paid on-line.

  • Please refer to Payment Methods for the requirements for payment by cash, check, money order, or credit card.

  • Payment must be received by the last business day prior to the court date noted on your summons.

  • Payment must be accompanied by a copy of your summons, with the signed Waiver of Trial. If you fail to include your summons and the signed Waiver of Trial, the Clerk's Office will be unable to properly credit your account.

Note: Prepayment by phone or on-line will be considered an admission of guilt and a waiver of your hearing. If payment is made over the phone or on-line, a copy of the summons and a signed Waiver of Trial are not be required.

How to calculate the total amount due for a prepayable offense:

  • Follow the Prepayment Requirements outlined above.


*If you prepay more than one offense arising out of the same incident (same officer, at the same time), add only one processing fee.

*If you have more than one separate code number listed on your summons, please contact us for your prepayable amount at 385-8470 or 385-8619.