Official Record Check

​​​​To request a record check on a person, please contact the Virginia Beach Police Department at (757) 385-4331. The General District Court cannot conduct record checks for any reason.
Certified Copy of a Case's Trial Disposition:
  • Final Disposition:
    To obtain copies of a final disposition, please submit $1.00 for the first two pages and $0.50 for each additional page.
  • Submit your request to:
    Virginia Beach General District Court
    2425 Nimmo Parkway
    Virginia Beach, VA 23456-9057
    We accept checks and money orders made payable to "Virginia Beach General District Court."
    Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request.
  • Also include the following information:
    • Defendants name or any known aliases
    • Date of birth
    • Driver's License number or Personal Identification number
    • Sex
    • Race
    • Specific charge you are requesting
    • Court date
    • Phone number or e-mail address for the requestor
    Allow approximately two weeks for research and mailing of the requested documents.
Contact Information