Criminal Court

​​​​The following offenses are the most frequently received requests for pre-payment information and the fine amount.
Urinating in public - $25
Drunk in public - $25
Open container - $25
Dog at large - $20
No City dog tag - $25
No city rabies tag - $15
Unnecessary noise - $25
Excessive wake - $30
Excessive speed,no wake zone - $30

How to calculate:

Fine Amount + $61.00 processing fee for Criminal citation. However, if you prepay more than one violation arising out of the same incident (same officer at same time), add only one processing fee. + $10.00 fee per charge.
The court must receive a copy of the summons together with a check or money order at least 5 working days before the trial date. If the summons is not forwarded with payment, the court will be unable to properly credit the account. Personal checks must have the correct name, address and phone number preprinted on the check. The electronic accounting number must also be preprinted at the bottom of the check. Please make checks payable to Virginia Beach General District Court.
For further information regarding General District Court, please contact us at the following numbers:
Court Information Line 757-385-8531
Criminal Division 757-385-4707 or Fax 385-1065
Accounting Division 757-385-8470 or Fax 385-6381

Please follow these instructions for a continuance of your court date:

If you are a defense attorney requesting a continuance regarding a felony case, you must contact the commonwealth's attorney's office at (757)385-4401. If you are the defendant, you must appear in court. No continuance request will be taken in felony cases by the Clerk's Office.
If you are requesting a continuance for a misdemeanor charge and both parties are not in agreement for the continuance, then you must appear in court on the day of the assigned date and make your request before the judge. If you cannot be in court at this time, you must send someone in your place to request a continuance.
If you or someone acting on your behalf cannot be in court to request a continuance in your place, you may fax a letter to (757)385-1065 or mail a letter requesting a continuance. The letter will be placed with the case and on the day of the original court date the Judge will consider the request. We cannot guarantee that the case will be continued or that the Judge will not initiate court action for your failure to appear. You should contact this office a (757)385-4707 on the afternoon of your original court date to determine the Judge's decision.

Please follow these instructions for requesting records:

If you are requesting a record check on a person, please contact the Virginia Beach Police Department at (757)385-4331.
If you wish to obtain a certified copy of a final disposition, please send $2.00 per charge. If, in addition to a certified copy of the final disposition, you request copies of additional documents from the case file, there is an additional fee of fifty cents per page.
If you request a copy of the case paper before the court date or final disposition, the fee is $1.00 a page for the first two pages and fifty cents for each page thereafter.
If you request a certified copy of our Case Management screen only, a fee of fifty-cents ($.50) is charged.
Please send your request to the Virginia Beach General District Court, Criminal Division, 2425 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-9057. We accept checks and money orders drawn on a Virginia Bank. You also need to include a stamped addressed envelope with your request. Please include the following information:
Defendant's name or any know alias'
Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Specific Charge you are requesting
Court date
Please allow about two weeks for research and mailing of requested documents.
The following is Public Defender Information: To determine if you qualify for the public defender services, you should appear in the Criminal Court Clerk's Office between the hours of 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. no later than 10 days before your court date. If the public defender has already been appointed and you need to contact their office, please call (757)427-6050.
The following is appeal Information: In order to appeal a case, the defendant or their attorney must appear in the Criminal Clerk's Office in person within 10 calendar days of the date of conviction. The defendant may be required to sign and post a bond. After the 10 calendar days, the defendant has lost the right to appeal the case.
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