It is the goal of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court that all civil cases be concluded within 18 months of the date of filing, except for exceptional cases brought to the attention of the Court.
The Circuit Court has established procedures for civil cases. The events and duties of the parties are outlined in the Civil Case Management Manual, which is available as a PDF file under the "Related Information" on this page. Also all required court forms are in a fillable format under Court Forms.
The court requires that a court reporter be present at the trial.  See General Order Regarding the Recording of Trial Proceedings under the Related Content  on this page.
Counsel must submit for entry by the court the Uniform Pretrial Scheduling Order (provided in a fillable format under Court Forms) unless the case is an appeal from the general district court.
When filing a civil action in the circuit court, counsel shall attach a completed Civil Cover Sheet to the initial pleading filed. This will greatly assist the clerk’s office with the filing fee assessment and the indexing of the case.  The worksheet is located under court forms.
For actions originating in the circuit court, counsel must file a ​praecipe for the setting of a trial date or contact the court to set an agreed trial date. The clerk's office will  issue a Notice of Docket Call in civil actions appealed from the general district court.
Counsel shall be responsible for preparing and submitting for approval any continuance request of a trial date. 
The Request for Continuance of Trial Date Order is available in a fillable format under Court Forms.   
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