If you are able to serve on all but one of the Assigned Dates of service listed on your summons, the court can excuse you for one day. However, you must notify the court by email at juryadm@vbgov.com   or online at https://vabjury.courts.state.va.us or by phone 385-4589 at least 7 days prior to your first scheduled report date. Please give us the date you want to be excused and the reason. This is for a one day excusal.
If you are unable to serve during the month for which you have been called due to scheduling conflicts, vacations, business reasons, etc., the court will allow a one time deferral to another month which is more convenient for you within a one year period of your original month of service. The deferral request must be received 7  days prior to your "first" scheduled date of service. If it is outside this time period you will have to call our office. You will need the following information to login:
1. Badge Number - this the number printed directly above the barcode on your summons.
2. Zip Code- use the one printed on your summons even if you have moved.
 3. Birthdate - must enter in format 01/01/1900.

You can also change your mailing address and home address information if it is incorrect. Only ONE deferral is permitted. If you have previously been deferred then you will not be able to request a deferral. You must receive a confirmation page to ensure your deferral has been processed.
To complete online, you will need from your summons.
1. The badge number printed above the barcode on your summons.
2. Your zip code
3. Your birthdate.

You will ONLY be granted an excusal if it is for a reason permitted by the Code of Virginia. Documentation will be required for an excusal request and can be faxed to 385-1314.
Below is an explanation of the Excusal codes on the web.
AGE-If you are under 18 years old
ALREADY SERVED-If you have served in the past 3 YEARS
AGE-OVER 70- If you are over 70 years old
CARE OF DEPENDENT-If you are personally responsible for a person with mental or physical disability between 8:30 and 5:00 pm.
DECEASED-If summons was mailed to deceased person, please accept our apologies.
FELON-If you are a felon (DUI is not felony)
LANGUAGE-This option is not to be used and must be determined by a Judge.
MEDICAL- If you have a medical condition, please fax a note from your doctor with your name, month of service and length of disability to 385-1314
MILITARY-If you are active duty with armed forces and requesting excusal. Please fax letter from commanding officer to 385-1314.
MEDI-PERMANENT-If you have a permanent medical condition, please fax letter from doctor indicating such to 385-1314.
MARINER-If you are employed in maritime service.
NON-CITIZEN-If you are not a citizen of the United States.
NON-RESIDENT-If you reside outside of Virginia Beach, please fax proof.
OCCUPATION- If you are a sole proprietor fax business license as proof

*All excusals must be approved by email from the Jury Administrator. When you submit your request and all supporting documents, you will receive a confirmation email either granting or denying your request.
If you are a full time student and cannot serve during the month for which you have been summoned, the court will allow a deferral to a month during which you are not in school for up to a 2 year period. This request will have to be made by phone only.
If you are a full or part-time student and need to change your Assigned Date of Service, you can change your day of service to any day Monday - Wednesday that best fits your class schedule. Thursdays and Fridays are not available.
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