Jury Notice to Appear

The right to trial by jury is one of the core values of the American Judicial System. Your service is indispensable to the judicial system.


​*​In the event of inclement weather court closings will be anno​unced on the local news channels.  You can call 385-4589 for further information.

Please review the following pre-screening questions and if you answered YES to any of the following, please contact the Jury room staff at 385-4589 or email Juryadm@vbgov.com prior to your date of service. 

Are you currently experiencing any of the following symptoms?

Do you have...

a new fever (100.4 for higher) or a sense of having a fever?

a new cough tha tyou cannot attribute to another health condition?

new shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that you cannot attribute to another health condition?

new chills that you cannot attribute to another health condition?

a new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?

new muscle aches (myalgia) that you cannot attribute to another health condition, or that may have been caused by a specific activity such as physical exercise?

a new loss of taste  or smell?

Have you tested positive for the virus that causes Covid-19 disease within the last 10 days?

In the past 14 days, have you had close contact (being 6 feet for a total of 15 minutes or more over a period of 24 hours or having direct exposure to respiratory secretions with someon with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

If you answered yes to any of the following please call us at 757-385-4589 prior to your first day of service. 

 Are you checking to see if yo​u need to report for jury service? DO NOT CHECK TO SEE IF YOU ARE NEEDED UNTIL 5PM THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SERVICE DATE. The information is not accurate until that time.

The jury notice to appear list at the bottom of this page will list the report date and the group numbers of jurors that should report for service on this date. If your number is not listed, do not report. If the date is not correct and it is after 5pm the day before your report date, please call our automated jury reporting line at 430-4262 using the information on your summons for reporting instructions. You can also contact our office after 8:00 am but before your report time to determine if you need to report at 757-385-4589. 


Virginia Beach Circuit Court

Jurors For Report Date: 03/05/2021

Jurors whose Group Number appears on this list must report to the Jury Assembly Room, located on the Ground floor of the Judicial Center, Building 10, by 8:45 am on the date listed above.

Your Group Number is listed on your Juror Summons to the left of your reporting dates.

Failure to appear as directed can result in a fine for Contempt of Court under Virginia Statutes.


Report Date

Group Number

No Jurors Are Scheduled To Report


Contact Information


Dress must be appropriate business attire. No shorts or tank tops for men or women.

Jurors will not be allowed to bring in newspapers, cell phones, iPods, electronic books, laptops or any other personal communication device. 

We have a phone for your use in the jury room and a refrigerator available should you want to bring a lunch or snack.​